TEAM NAME: Deep Cuts COMPETITORS: Thadd Williams & Aaron Wilhelm FACTION: N/A OVERALL RECORD: 1-1 FORM (Most recent first): LW By Cameron Hass The vast majority of Schmoedown competitors enter the ring with their personalities well-established to most movie fans. Either critics, movie pundits, writers, podcast and YouTube hosts have all taken the movie trivia challenge at one time or another. … Continue reading TEAM PROFILE: Deep Cuts

TEAM PROFILE: Wolves of Steel

TEAM NAME: Wolves of Steel COMPETITORS: Mark "Yodi" Reilly & "Classy" Clarke Wolfe FACTION: N/A OVERALL RECORD: 3-2 FORM (Most recent first): LWWWL By Louis Baxter When the Commissioner devised “The Decision” back in 2016, he must surely have thought he had put together a team others in the Schmoedown would come to fear. A team who were seemingly unbeatable and … Continue reading TEAM PROFILE: Wolves of Steel

Who will be the breakout stars of the Ultimate Schmoedown tournaments?

By Sarah Hussain In a year that’s already gifted us the Free 4 All, Collider Collision and recent Movie Trivia Glowdown, the Commissioner continues to spoil us fans with the upcoming back-to-back 16-competitor Ultimate Schmoedown tournaments. And after an incredible season for both rookies and veterans of the league, the competition has never been more … Continue reading Who will be the breakout stars of the Ultimate Schmoedown tournaments?

TEAM PROFILE: Late to the Party

TEAM NAME: Late to the Party COMPETITORS: Robert Montano & Vanessa Fitzsimmons FACTION: LTTP OVERALL RECORD: 0-1 FORM (Most recent first): L By Louis Baxter In other sporting leagues, the line between fans and competitors is so densely drawn that your favourite players may as well exist in another dimension. But, as Late to the Party have proven, the Schmoedown is … Continue reading TEAM PROFILE: Late to the Party

TEAM PROFILE: Above The Line

TEAM NAME: Above The Line COMPETITORS: "The Godfather" Drew McWeeny & "The Inglorious One" Samm Levine FACTION: N/A OVERALL RECORD: 0-0 FORM (Most recent first): N/A By Linus Babcock While the break-up of the Four Horsemen and the controversy regarding Kristian Harloff’s victory over Jeff Sneider may have dominated the aftermath of the inaugural Collider Collision, time will tell whether … Continue reading TEAM PROFILE: Above The Line