Atchity & Vejvoda – the deadly duo about to take singles by storm

After a thrilling first 18 months at Collider, the Schmoedown singles league is about to go through its first major transition. Agree or disagree with it, the triple threat title match in around six weeks will shake up the division like never before.

Due to the stipulations of the match drawn up by the Commisioner, two of the current top three fighters will no longer be in the immediate running for the title. As a way of drawing a close to the first chapter of what hopefully is an epic journey, it’s certainly dramatic.


(Artwork by Bryan Ward)

Factor in the potential retirement of Kristian Harloff and the drop from the rankings list of William Bibbiani, and that’s three more title contenders out of the running for the forseeable future.

And don’t forget, Drew McWeeny’s match with Josh Macuga will almost certainly see the the defeated party lose their ranking. Given his recent schedule, had Samm Levine not won the Free 4 All and Mark Ellis ended his recent hiatus then we could have been looking at a ranking list with very few immediate contenders to the crown.

What an ideal time, then, to introduce two – in this writer’s opinion – bonafide contenders into the equation…

Atchity VejvodaFollowing Tuesday’s team match between Rotten Tomatoes and Team IGN, both Matt Atchity and Jim Vejvoda announced that they feel they are ready to enter the singles league. The rest of the competitors would be right to sit up and take notice.

Atchity has long been one of the strongest individuals within the team league, with he and Grae Drake now probably just one more win away from a title shot. His all-around game coupled with Drake’s knowledge of some of film’s more bizarre trivia (see Goldblum vs IGN) has turned them into one of the most feared duos on the circuit.

AtchityOnly the second man to run the table during an eight-question first round after Bibbiani, there is no question Atchity would be able to hold his own against the league’s strongest competitors. Though he was prone to the odd error during the recent Free 4 All, he still managed a respectable showing, and it is clear he is more than ready to go it alone.

Vejvoda, meanwhile, could perhaps have even more potential to shake the league up than his recent adversary. Much like Drew McWeeny before him, his lack of showmanship does not follow through into his movie trivia knowledge, with his opening two matches both ending in more than respectable returns.

VejvodaGiven IGN’s limited exposure thus far, he could be a real surprise package come his singles debut, whether that is before or during the upcoming Ultimate Schmoedown. Eric Goldman’s under-par showing in the first round against Rotten Tomatoes and the semantics around clammy hands was all that stood between the duo coming out on top and continuing their 100 per cent start to Schmoedown life, and going solo might yet prove to be the best option for Vejvoda in terms of challenging for a belt sooner rather than later.

What is for certain, though, is that the Schmoedown is set for a major facelift in the coming weeks. Expect both Atchity and Vejvoda to be waiting to pounce on any who fall by the wayside.

Are you looking forward to Atchity & Vejvoda joining the singles ranks? Are they potential champions? Have your say in the comments below…

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