Who should ‘The Beast’ play next?

Given his sensational debut and overall impact on the league over the past six months, it seems remarkable to say that – after four fights – William ‘The Beast’ Bibbiani does not find himself within in the top ten ranked singles players.

Bibbiani.jpgWith so many fights under his belt, some may even have predicted him to be going after THE belt by now. The man has broken record after record, and is even able to make entrances that rival his extensive movie knowledge. But with a record of 2-2, is there a more underperforming player right now?

So what does Bibbiani need to do next to get himself back among the top ten, particularly with the Ultimate Schmoedown beginning to creep over the horizon? Presuming the Commisioner seeds the 25 competitors for the Fatal Five-Ways, Bibbiani is facing up to a potentially tough draw come the end of the year. LGRTS (That’s the acronym – get used to it!) takes a look at who his potential next opponent could be…


Arriving on the scene with a dominant victory over Nick Scarpino, “The Magic Man’s” only other appearance on the Schmoedown stage to date is during the Free 4 All, where – alongside Bibbiani – he formed part of the Mount Rushmore of Movie Trivia.

Bernardin.jpgWith no scheduled matches at time of writing, Bernardin continues to lurk just below the top ten ranked players having been marked as a potential challenger for the singles title. With Bibbiani also swimming among those without a ranking, this match would see arguably the two most talented unranked players face off with the chance to force themselves into that top ten ahead of the Ultimate Schmoedown.

Both players have similar strengths as well as huge fanbases, and matching them up off the back of Collision has the potential to be one of the highlights of the summer.


While both players are currently ranked within the top ten, whomever loses their upcoming match – currently scheduled for 16 June – will drop out, particularly with the winner of Brianne Chandler vs Mike Kalinowski set to jump into the top ten in early July.

McWeeny vs Macuga.jpgWere it to be McWeeny that loses out, “The Godfather” wold be left with exactly the same record as Bibbiani from his opening four matches. Both have unbelievable knowledge, and a meeting of their minds ahead of the Ultimate Schmoedown would rival the majority of title matches the league has seen thus far.

In the far more likely scenario (Sorry Josh!), “The Wildman” will see his recent run of winning one then losing immediately continue, and if the Commisioner is feeling in a particularly devilish mood he could hit Macuga with a ‘McWeeny-Bibbiani’ double-header in a matter of weeks. That isn’t to say the man with a thousand suits could not pull through, but he would certainly be a huge underdog.


“Wait, but Rocha and Bibbiani are both in the same faction – they can’t fight, can they?!”

You might think not, but if I know how the Commisioner’s mind works then I can certainly see this happening ahead of the Ultimate Schmoedown.

RochaObviously it would rely on “The Outlaw” losing out in the triple-threat title match at Collision, and he certainly has as much chance as both Reilly and Murrell in coming out on top. But should he be defeated then the recent interractions between he and Bibbiani have set us all up nicely for the Four Horsemen to be ripped apart.

The two have been going back and forth for weeks, with “The Beast” claiming a lack of leadership from Rocha since he was originally brought into the faction before it again came to a head following Bibbiani’s loss to Harloff when the former champion claimed his stablemate required more training.

The storyline is there for the taking, and visions of Emma Fyffe having to break Rocha and Bibbiani up as they challenge one another as to who is the “Top Horse” in the closing stages of Collision are already presenting themselves to me. The game could dictate this not happen as soon as we would all hope, but try telling me this isn’t the option you would choose!

What do you think? Will Bibbiani face one of these guys next, or will it be someone completely different? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Who should ‘The Beast’ play next?

  1. I enjoy watching the beast go at it. He deserves to be higher in the ranking, let em battle out one more person within his ranking then he can go after the outlaw. He will better his record and can be a title contender

    Liked by 1 person

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