Hayberg & McWeeny – a match made in Schmoedown heaven?!

Right, so I know you’re looking at that header and thinking it’s the Cartoon Cat’s latest madcap script idea for the Schmoedown, but hear me out…

It has now been over a month since Ricky Hayberg announced he would be leaving Team ETC and heading into management. Since their parting was far from acrimonious, it would be fair to say that he will not be in Eliot Dewberry’s corner. So who will Hayberg be working with when we next see him appear at the Schmoedown?

This writer’s pick: Drew McWeeny!

Hayberg McWeenyDon’t just click the big red X in the corner! This might sound weird at first, but think about it for a second.

What does Ricky Hayberg bring to the Schmoedown? The answer – entertainment. What is he lacking? Any movie trivia knowledge whatsoever.

HaybergCounter that with McWeeny, who has an encyclopedia of film facts just waiting to be plucked out of his brain at any minute, but lacks the same showmanship as some of his competitors.

That is not to say that McWeeny’s whole Godfather routine is not intimidating, and there are certainly fans out there who prefer his no-nonsense approach to the whole business of answering cinema-based questions.

McWeeny waveImagine this for a second. The Commisioner cuts to the pre-match smack talk, and there is McWeeny, stood arms folded, silent. Intimidating.

Then throw in Hayberg, talking some of the best smack the Schmoedown has heard as well as billing his competitor as the singles champion in waiting. You’re intrigued now, right?

Though it would be a move out of left-field, I for one would not be adverse to seeing it play out. The pre and post-match interviews would take on a whole new dimension if a competitor remained absolutely silent and almost disinterested throughout while their manager hits out at whomever takes his fancy that day. McWeeny is just there to answer trivia questions – he has no time for anything else.

Right – so you’re down with that idea now. So how about this? THEY ALSO FORM A TEAM!

It just makes perfect sense. After they have built up that relationship over a couple of matches, it’s the logical next step. Hayberg knows nothing. McWeeny knows almost everything. Though Dewberry is by no means a slouch, he’s no “Godfather” either, and the fact he was able to drag Hayberg to the verge of a title match almost single-handedly suggests McWeeny could take him even further.

Were this to happen, then the Patriots might finally get some serious competition!

Am I mad? Would Hayberg managing and eventually teaming up with McWeeny be crazy or a great move for the league? Let me know in the comments below!

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