Who should Deep Cuts play next?

We have seen stronger Schmoedown debuts and we have certainly seen weaker ones than the performance Deep Cuts put in during their maiden match. A TKO victory on your first outing cannot be sniffed at, and though those at the top of the rankings are unlikely to be quaking in their boots just yet, Thadd and Aaron’s opening salvo promised much for their future in the league.

Deep CutsWhether that came to a shock to them or not we may never know, but their lack of conviction in choosing their next opponent during the post-match interview suggests they are not quite mapping out their route to the belt right now.

That said, with a place in the rankings secured for the time being and those baseball outfits unlikely to be shoved to the back of closet right away, it is safe to presume they will be back competing after Collision. But who will they face? There are a number of intriguing options…


Korey and Martin certainly made an impact when they made their own debut against Reel Rejects a fortnight ago, and with one win under their belts the clamour is already there from fans to see them compete once again.

Double ToastedTheir playful antics were certainly matched by their trivia knowledge, and as the only team in the league with an identical record to that of Deep Cuts, it would make sense from a ranking perspective to have them meet before the end of the year.

The only issue is that, with Double Toasted being based in Austin, scheduling their matches is far more difficult for the Commisioner than it is for Deep Cuts, and it would not be a shock to see Kristian throw Thadd & Aaron in sooner rather than later and give the Toasted boys a more prestigious match against one of the league’s more established teams further down the line.

TEAM IGN (1-1)

Last week’s team match between Rotten Tomatoes and IGN was remarkable for a number of reasons, not least that the record for the number of points in a standard team league match was broken not once, but twice.

VejvodaJim Vejvoda and Eric Goldman picked up 29 points from their three rounds of questions – a new record – only to see Grae Drake’s knowledge of ‘Cats & Dogs’ see that record change hands again within 30 seconds.

After that somewhat surprising defeat for IGN, much of the concentration has now switched towards the likelihood that Vejvoda will soon be looking to enter the singles league.

But alongside Eric he still forms part of one of the league’s most dangerous teams, and with sitting just below Deep Cuts on the rankings, it would not be beyond the realms of possibility to see them go at it in the near future.


Having won their first three matches and been a buzzer press away from the title itself, it is hard to believe that Jason Inman and Scott Mantz now find themselves floundering in the lower half of the rankings.

Team TrekBack-to-back defeats, however, have left them with plenty of regrouping to do, and a match against an up and coming team in the shape of Deep Cuts could prove decisive.

Another defeat could even see them call time on the partnership while victory would thrust them back into the conversation regarding title shots.

Throw into the equation that Thadd himself is a big Star Trek fan, and could we see three of the biggest Trekkies the Schmoedown has to offer face off.


Of all the upcoming matches in the Schmoedown, one of the most intriguing is the first entry of fans into the league. Late To The Party arrive into the league in June and could – if the performances on their reaction videos are anything to go by – be shock contenders.

Victory on their debut would leave them with an identical record to that of Deep Cuts, and with Thadd and Aaron one of the easier teams to schedule given their roles at Collider, it is likely the Commisioner could move them around to suit LTTP’s availability.

Team ActionTeam Action, meanwhile, are coming off a heart-breaking sudden death defeat to Nerd’s Watch, and a win next time out would leave them with a record that slightly betters that of Deep Cuts.

Some may argue a team higher up the rankings would then be fairer for them to play, but with Krisitan mentioning their name towards the end of Tuesday’s episode, it seems clear he sees them as a potential opponent either way.

Who do you think Deep Cuts should play next? Have your say in the comments below!

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