Who should ‘The Mantz Man’ play next?

It was one of the most anticipated returns to the Schmoedown singles league for some time when Scott Mantz stepped back into the ring, so when he sat with just a solitary point from his first round against Hal Rudnick, fans would have been forgiven for being just a little disappointed.

MantzFast-forward two rounds – including a visit to “The Mantz Man’s” favourite catergory, Movie Release Dates – however, and the loudest man in movie trivia was celebrating a victorious return to solo action.

Having spent the best part of a year away from the singles league, it’s easy to forget that Mantz now has an enviable 2-2 record, and though his team results have taken a hit of late, it now seems like his individual career could be about to take off yet again.

But who should be next on his radar? There are a number of potential competitors to get excited about…


When looking at who ‘The Beast’ should play next a couple of weeks ago, Mantz’s name was not one that came up. But, as the only players with two wins and two defeats currently competing in the Schmoedown, it would make most sense from a ranking perspective.

BibbianiBoth are relative veterans of the movie review world, with Mark Ellis recently having commented on the SK Live Show regarding their respective approaches to screenings, and as such would likely be able to provide some entertaining smack talk surrounding their match-up.

Whether their records being equal would lead to an even match remains unanswered until they face off, with plenty likely to back Bibbiani even after his losses to JTE and Kristian Harloff. Few would argue, though, that it has the potential to provide yet more memorable moments from both competitors.


Though this would probably be logistically more difficult to organise given “The Judge’s” schedule, the ‘Scott Mantz Screen Junkies Takedown Tour’ has something of a ring to it, don’t you think?!

SignoreHaving seen off Rudnick, the next best member of the SJ stable in terms of Schmoedown ranking is the head honcho himself, and having Mantz work his way through their crew would be a nice storyline to throw into a league that is slowly starting to be dominated by rivalries between heel factions.

Victory over Signore could even leave Mantz lined up for a rematch with Dan Murrell should the former champion lose out in the Triple-Threat title bout, with Mantz probably the perfect level of opponent for “Dangerous Dan” to start his path back towards the belt against.


It’s the one so many Schmoedown fans are calling out for. Perhaps the greatest rivalry among the whole YouTube movie community, Rocha vs Mantz III could have real story implications should it come to pass in the not too distant future.

Rocha“The Outlaw’s” hitlist of potential opponents should he miss out on regaining the belt at Collision is as long as his arm, but none have the same history as he does with Mantz.

‘Bespin’ set him on the path towards becoming champion, and how fitting would it be for him to then lose two title matches and have to face off against his greatest rival all over again in a bid to fight his way back to the top?

Mantz would have nothing to lose, and though seeing them face-off again likely relies on Rocha failing win against Murrell and Mark Reilly in early July, the thought that defeat for “The Outlaw” could see him have to start all over again with Mantz would add some extra spice to the occasion.

Who would you like to see The Mantz Man play next? Comment below and check out all my other Schmoedown articles here.

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