Six Degrees – are they the real heel?!

The Lion’s Den. The Four Horsemen. Team Action.

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown’s stable of heel characters is already pretty full, so when Brianne Chandler performed her own turn to the dark side during her victory over Perri Nemiroff, there might have been a few fans who wondered just why one of the league’s rising stars might have taken such a decision.

Fast-forward a few weeks, however, and with team-mate Stacy Howard now on board and Jay Washington rivalling – if not surpassing (!) – Tom Dagnino as the league’s finest manager, it seems Six Degrees’s new personas are here to stay.

Six DegreesSome may question whether the league needs anymore heels given the popularity of both the Lion’s Den and the Four Horsemen, but they could not be more wrong. Chandler & Howard can certainly hold their own against the biggest and baddest when it comes to smack talk and their debut singles performances suggest they could trouble the top ten rankings before the year is out.

Earning a higher standing within the league based on performance will certainly help them gain new fans, and in “The Urban Gladiator” they have the perfect man to run their campaign. Unlike Dagnino, he seems more intent on playing up his own competitors than disregarding opponents, and a potential stand-off between the pair would be must-watch TV should they or any of those they represent face-off in the near future.

At present, the most likely scenario leading to that seems to be Chandler beating Mike Kalinowski in her upcoming singles match and taking on Marc Andreyko (in a No.1 contender match?), though a win for Dagnino over Matt Knost could potentially see the man they once called Finstock on a road towards either of the Six Degrees ladies, depending on their next results.

Lion's DenEither way, a rivalry between the Lion’s Den and Six Degrees seems logical, with Chandler & Dagnino already trading barbs over social media.

Some of you will be thinking that’s all well and good, but what about the Four Horsemen? Well, here’s my prediction for what the future holds for “The Outlaw” & Co.

It is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility for John Rocha, having beaten both men individually before, to see off both Dan Murrell and Mark Reilly at Collision next month. Damn, he could even be team champion too if he and Knost can beat the Patriots. Talk about all the belts!

But if he were to lose both matches, and at present it remains an “if”, then we could see the Four Horsemen fall apart. Rocha and William Bibbiani continue to be at one another’s throats, and there is a feeling that one final argument at Collision could see the stable split, with the two figureheads then facing off in singles play in the near future.

Four HorsemenThat said, it is unlikely that would be the end of Rocha and factions, with one potential avenue being that everyone’s favourite cowboy begins his own “Outlaw Nation” within the Schmoedown, which acts as an overarching umbrella for anyone who wishes to join given it is more of a state of mind than anything else.

That remains someway down the road, however, and for now they and the Lion’s Den remain the top factions within the Schmoedown. But with Six Degrees now officially on the scene, that’s unlikely to last forever.

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