Innergeekdom – what are the one-on-one matches we want to see?

While the singles and team leagues continue to truck along at pace, the Schmoedown’s Innergeekdom competition keeps picking up new fans despite its stop-start nature.

The most recent fatal five-way was the latest example of the excitement that can be found with even the nerdiest of film categories, and while scheduling issues seem to – at least for now – have put pay to any thoughts of weekly Innergeekdom matches, fans are now calling for some of their favourite competitors to return to action in one-on-one clashes.

But who should The Commissioner be plotting to put together? I’ve taken a look at three potential match-ups that would be great to see before the year is out…


Despite a slow start, Coy Jandreau quickly found his feet in the latest Innergeekdom clash, seeing off Mike Kalinowski in sudden death to claim victory.

JandreauGiven the lack of competitors with wins to their names in the league thus far and the path Jeremy Jahns took to his upcoming title match, it would only be fair to hand “Crazy Coy” a No.1 contender match for his next outing.

Jahns v NavarroFor his opponent, neither Jahns nor Navarro would have overly impressive overall records should they be defeated at Collision, and whomever loses out would be the perfect opponent for Jandreau to take on if he is to take a further step towards claiming the belt himself.


Given the format of the Innergeekdom matches to date, there are a number of competitors who have put in impressive performances, only to end up with negative records having been beaten out in the final round.

CushingFor both “The Crusher” and “The Killer” that was the case, as they both picked up the most points on their debuts, only to lose to Jahns and Jandreau respectively. It is clear both have obvious strengths within the Innergeekdom catergories, with few coming close to Cushing’s knowledge of Lord of the Rings and Kalinowski – despite ‘Pudding-gate’ – an ace when it comes to DC Movies and comic book films on the whole.

KalinowskiFactor in that neither is a slouch when it comes to answering the other’s strengths, and this has the potential to be the greatest Innergeekdom – if not overall Schmoedown – matches of all time.


Though it would be nice to see Robert Meyer Burnett back in action, the league needs as many players as possible building their own records, and both Fyffe and Inman have now proven their mettle and deserve an opportunity to start a path towards potentially winning the belt.

Fyffe“The Golden Mic” is certainly one of the bigger personalities around the Schmoedown world after her excellent work in post-match interviews, and it would be great to see her also excelling as a competitor. With Night Sisters seemingly struggling to maintain their status in the team league, having Fyffe compete on her own more regularly in Innergeekdom certainly makes sense.

Inman, meanwhile, is perhaps having the worst year of anyone in the Schmoedown in 2017. Having entered the second fatal five-way as the overwhelming favourite he ended up finishing third while Team Trek have tumbled down the rankings since their title match against Patriots.

Inman“Justice” has previously shown his desperation to win this belt when he begged Robert Meyer Burnett and Navarro to form a triple threat match in the first title bout, and getting a win on the board would certainly help him earn some credibility moving forward.

Do you want to see these matches, or are there others you want to happen? Have your say in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Innergeekdom – what are the one-on-one matches we want to see?

  1. I would like to see John Campea figure his way back into the Innergeekdom, because like Jason Inman in round 3, he got screwed over by a certain category in Movie Release Dates (Inman’s was Lord of the Rings). So I thought it would be good to see him have a second shot.

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