Who should ‘The Crusher’ play next?

Few singles debuts have been as anticipated as that of Rachel Cushing. Having come from nowhere to make a real impression on both the team and innegeekdom leagues, “The Crusher” has emerged as the first real contender to claim a triple crown of all three main belts.

CushingVictory over Nick Scarpino means she is well on the way to climbing into the singles rankings, and though Cushing revealed on this week’s ‘Schmoedown Rundown‘ that she is unlikely to return to singles until her run towards the team belt with Nerd’s Watch is over, the clamour is certainly there to see her return to singles action before the year is out.

Ken Napzok may have called out JTE on her behalf, but personally, that’s not a fight I want to see yet (You all want that JTE vs RB3 match, right?!). Instead, here’s three other options that would certainly be intriguing should the Commissioner make them happen…

(Note: This is for singles play only. If you want to see who Rachel should play in Innergeekdom next, click here.)


If the Schmoedown did not have the story element to it and all players were available at all times, this match would almost certainly be pencilled in even before Cushing made her bow.

BernardinBoth players have now seen off “The Producer/Seducer”, and with both having identical records in terms of wins and losses, it would certainly make sporting sense for them to play-off for a place in the top ten rankings.

Factor in that both have also made a real positive impact since their arrivals into the Schmoedown, and it is certainly a match that would bring with it plenty of interest post-Collision with the singles league set for a revamp like it has never seen before.


Female competitors continue to take the Schmoedown by storm, and though I am certainly not in favour of a league based solely on gender, this is a match that could have real story implications when it comes to the more prominent women that are currently competing.

HowardAs it stands, there are two heroic female competitors in the upper echelons of the league – Cushing and Clarke Wolfe – and two heels – Brianne Chandler and Howard.

With “Miss Movies” currently tied up with her upcoming clash against Mike Kalinowski and on a potential collision course with Marc Andreyko (and by proxy, Tom Dagnino), and “Classy Clarke” way ahead in the rankings and preparing to take on Mark Ellis, it leaves “The Crusher” and “Sassy Stacy” as the two without matches currently scheduled and with identical records to date.

As such, why not pair them off in a true “Good vs Evil” match that would pay credit to both their storylines thus far?

Six DegreesObviously Chandler and Jay Washington would be involved in there somewhere, but why not have Wolfe joining Ken Napzok for a one-off sparring match to really make it a spectacle? Hell, even Mark Reilly could get involved! Just writing this has given me an idea for a whole new face faction that, quite frankly, I may have to write about as soon as I’m done with this piece…

Lost track there a little – apologies – but basically, Cushing vs Howard. Make it happen.


Though their relative experience at singles level is slightly different, both Cushing and “The Beast” are currently sitting tantalisingly outside the rankings, knowing one win would catapult them into the top ten.

BibbianiBoth players have had standout Schmoedown careers to date, and though they have each suffered disappointing defeats, they remain two of the most popular players among fans.

Given his Schmoedown stardom, it is likely Bibbiani will make his return before Cushing, but should there be any delay to him coming back into action, then “The Crusher” would certainly be a viable option in terms of both ranking and potential for interest from the audience.

Who do you think “The Crusher” should face next? Have your say in the comments below!

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