Nerds of Steel – the heroes the Schmoedown has been holding out for?!

Any movie fan knows that – for the most part – a story is only as good as its villain. Failure to fully flesh out bad guys can leave an audience underwhelmed as instead the hero is over exposed and leaves the finished product a little too one-sided.

By using that same philosophy, it is no surprise to see why fans have become so invested in the Schmoedown’s storylines as well as just testing their own movie trivia knowledge. The likes of Tom Dagnino, John Rocha and Six Degrees play their heel roles to perfection, and their commitment means the audience will likely come back time after time to follow their antics. We all know that Finstock equals ratings, for example.

Lion's DenSix DegreesBut is there a danger that the Schmoedown could be becoming too one-sided in the other direction? At the time of writing, there are three clear heel factions: The Lion’s Den, Four Horsemen and Six Degrees. Two of the three boast competitors at the very top of the rankings while the latter has two of the league’s rising stars as its main stars.

In contrast, in there are currently two factions made up of good guys: The Young Bucks and The League. The former just lost its manager after a run of defeats while the latter – despite making an impression during the most recent team match – only came into fruition a matter of days ago. Neither has any of the league’s top players, and though the likes of Mike Kalinowski, RB3 and the Reel Rejects have their supporters, they do not compare to those of the league’s villains.

What the Schmoedown needs is a hero faction that can stand toe-to-toe with the best the heels have to offer. A group of competitors who back up their talk with actions, and do so in a manner befitting of their hero status. A quartet with fanbases large enough to fight back against the forces of evil.

I’m talking, of course, about only one group – The Nerds of Steel!

Nerds of SteelOK, so the name needs some work, but you see where I’m going with this, right? Mark Reilly and Clarke Wolfe joining forces with Ken Napzok, Rachel Cushing and Michelle Boyd. Five outright heroes of the Schmoedown coming together to form a faction that would put fear through the rest of the competition.

During the latest episode of the ‘Schmoedown Rundown‘, “The Crusher” revealed that it was, in fact, “Classy Clarke” who first persuaded her to get involved in front of the camera, so they obviously have a relationship. Factor in “Yodi” & “The Pitboss’s” friendship from years working together on Schmoes and now at Collider, and you have a team that already has great chemistry and have combined records that gives them more than a little legitimacy.

In there you have the current singles champion, the No.5 ranked singles competitor, a team who are one win away from a title shot and a further team who just missed out on the belt themselves. Add in a player who is looking like the runaway leader in the race for ‘Rookie of the Year’ and a future Innergeekdom champion in the making as well as the reigning Star Wars champion and you have all bases covered. Not even the Lion’s Den can claim to have genuine competitors in that many different disciplines, and that is likely why Dagnino seems to have his eye on recruiting Jeremy Jahns (Ed – Prediction: think this proposal is on the way at Collision!).

Reilly ChampOf course there is the potential for stable-mates to meet in both singles and teams under this arrangement, but we have seen already with Reilly and Wolfe that this can be done without any repercussions, and it would be expected that both Napzok and Cushing would behave in a similar fashion should they be involved in such a situation down the line. All four tend to be around the Collider studios on a fairly regular basis too, so seeing them together regularly on camera should not be an issue.

All in all, there is certainly a strong argument to combine the forces in a bid to bring some heroism back to the war between factions within the Schmoedown. Whether its something either the competitors or the Commissioner are thinking about, time will only tell.

Would you be in favour of a hero faction to rule them all, and could it work? Have your say in the comments below!

One thought on “Nerds of Steel – the heroes the Schmoedown has been holding out for?!

  1. That’s one idea I really wish to see the light. A hero faction to rule them all would make for an excellent rock for the good guys to root for.

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