Who should ‘The Godfather’ play next?

After the loss of his 100 per cent record to Jeff Sneider, it’s fair to say the anticipation surrounding Drew McWeeny’s return to the Schmoedown table was certainly high. And he did not disappoint.

McWeenyTaking out Josh Macuga with a TKO means “The Godfather” is certainly back on the road towards challenging for the singles belt, and with it looking like Ricky Hayberg is now in his corner (as predicted by your’s truly right here!), McWeeny is seemingly getting back to his formidale best.

But who should he take on next and is there a clear path towards the belt? Here’s a few options for the Commissioner to consider…


If McWeeny is to go on and challenge for the belt, the most obvious route for him right now is to take down the winner of the upcoming Wolfe vs Ellis match-up.

Wolfe vs EllisAll three are currently established within the top ten rankings, and, if Sneider beats Kristian Harloff, then three of the current top five players in the league will be out of the running for the title post-Collision.

The only hiccup is whether any of the players would need a longer run of wins before a potential No.1 contender match. Both “Classy Clarke” and “Baby Carrots” are heading into their match-up coming off the back of defeats while McWeeny’s current winning run stands at just a single match.

Rankings-wise it is easy to justify them playing off for a chance at the belt but the Commissioner could have other ideas…


Though seeing McWeeny look for revenge against “The Insneider” would make for a great spectacle, that could only really happen next for “The Godfather” if Sneider loses to Harloff at Collision.

AndreykoIt was intriguing, though, that in his post-match interview that McWeeny called out Andreyko following his GOAT moment in clearing out the Mt. Rushmore of Schmoedown competitors during the Free 4 All.

It seemed that “The Android” was on a collision course to face the winner of Chandler vs Kalinowski, but facing McWeeny instead could be a real option for the Commissioner.

Not only would it see two of the titans of movie trivia go head-to-head, but seeing Hayberg vs Dagnino as hype men would be one not to be missed.

Should Andreyko instead face Chandler or Kalinowski, a win there would only make a match with McWeeny more viable if “The Godfather” can stay out of the ring for that long. They would both have identical overall records, and “The Android” would certainly be due a No.1 contender match at the very least having won three in a row. It might not happen right away, but this is a match that could be on the horizon in the not so distant future.


With Collision on the way, it could well be that Murrell is able to reclaim the belt and walk away as champion. But what if he doesn’t? What next? Enter McWeeny.

MurrellThe losers from the triple threat matches are going need to find a series of opponents before they think about challenging for the title once again, and very few fans would object to seeing two of the most serious competitors in the game go head-to-head before the year is out.

Both men have an appreciation of classic movies as well as great knowledge of more modern films, and for McWeeny particularly a win over a former champion would further cement his status as a real challenger and player deserving of a title shot in the very near future.

Who do you think McWeeny should face next? Have your say in the comments below!

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