RB3 vs JTE – why it makes (almost) perfect sense!

Last week, I went against everything I have known since I became a fan of the Schmoes and disagreed with something Ken Napzok suggested. Needless to say, it didn’t seem to go down too well!

Following Rachel Cushing’s singles debut victory over Nick Scarpino, “The Pitboss” called out JTE as his Nerd’s Watch team-mate’s next opponent. Though this would certainly be a spectacle, there are – in my opinion – other options that make for sense for “The Crusher”.

Instead of facing Cushing, I continue to hold out for JTE to take on RB3, as was hinted at after the latter took over the leadership of The Young Bucks following Cobbster’s resignation. The “Intern vs Past Intern” match writes itself in terms of story, but it seems many fans feel it could be a walkover. Unfortunately, the rankings – for now – suggest otherwise.

JTE vs RB3Were your’s truly to become the Commissioner of the Schmoedown right now, JTE would be the singles player who would give me the most headaches. Team champion, one of the most popular characters and certainly strong when it comes to movie trivia. Ideally he would be in or around the top of the rankings, taking on the best players in the league on a regular basis.

Instead he finds himself with an overall record of four wins and six defeats from his ten matches. With the likes of Brianne Chandler, Stacy Howard and Cushing winning on debut and Scott Mantz making a victorious return to singles play, he has slowly slipped further and further down the ranking list. To put that in context, only three other active players have won singles matches but have an overall negative record (Knost, Dewberry & Inman for those asking!).

JTE InterviewThere is precedence for JTE to play someone with a far better record in recent memory after he took on (and beat!) William Bibbiani in just “The Beast’s” second match , but with more and more players entering the league every month, it would make far less sense now to put “Little Evil” up against someone with a more positive record.

Instead, JTE would certainly be the favourite against RB3, and it could be the match to put him back on track towards getting back in the running for a potential tilt at the belt. Such a match would also hand the Young Bucks some much needed publicity as they go up against a member of the The Lion’s Den in a story-heavy game after an inauspicious start to life as a faction.

Young BucksLike any sport, every match within the Schmoedown requires context to keep viewers coming back for more. As a cricket fan and journalist, I know first-hand how a lack of context to the casual fan can lead to dwindling interest. Over the past 15 months, the Commissioner has done a superb job in making sure that, whether by using the rankings or the overarching story, every match has real context to it, and as such the league continues to grow in popularity.

Though it would be nice to see JTE back mixing it with the likes of John Rocha, Mark Reilly and the rest, for now he needs to work his way back into contention. Taking on RB3 brings with it a neat storyline, a chance for both players to make significant strides towards the top ten and the prospect of creating yet more great Schmoedown moments. It makes almost perfect sense.

Would you like to see JTE vs RB3 in an intern face-off? Have your say in the comments below!

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