Team Action – are they really title-worthy?!

When Team Action made their Schmoedown debut back in March, it was done so with little fanfare. Some decent smack talk and a TKO victory over the Night Sisters apart, they did not get the same reaction as the likes of William Bibbiani, Drew McWeeny or IGN in terms of them already being anointed as future champions.

In fact, they arguably earned more respect from fans in defeat to Nerd’s Watch. Taking Ken & Rachel to sudden death in one of the most memorable team matches of the season saw them gain plenty of new supporters, even if some pointed to a favourable wheel spin that helped them along the way.

Team ActionIt is almost unthinkable, then, that Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai are now being tipped by plenty of fans as potential future title challengers after compiling a record points total in victory over Late to the Party. Though the wheel was certainly their friend once again, racking up 31 points in a three-round match is not to be taken lightly. Taking the Ultimate Schmoedown to one side for a moment, they could realistically be two wins away from a shot at the belt.

Up next for them seems to be DC Movie News, who ironically shared the points record with Rotten Tomatoes before Action took it from them. The Commissioner would have been forgiven for celebrating their win over LTTP, given now there is a match where both the rankings and story converge perfectly, making life far easier in terms of organising future match-ups.

Action InterviewThe precedent has also been set that the winner of that match would be a due a No.1 contender clash, though who that is against would be unclear, especially as the Ultimate Schmoedown moves into view.

At present, the next title match after Patriots vs Top Ten will see the winner defend their crown against either Rotten Tomatoes or Nerd’s Watch. All the while, Heroes currently sit as the #2 ranked team, and it would make sense for them to play the losers of Patriots vs Top Ten in their own No.1 contender match. Quite how Team Action or DC Movie News would fit into this equation is unclear, but it seems for now that a match between them is certainly in the pipeline.

Action EntranceBut would Action be worth title challengers? The wheel has been in their favour during their Schmoedown career to date, but they seem to be improving their general movie trivia knowledge game-on-game. Factor in that they are making a serious challenge for being the most entertaining team within the whole league, and the Commissioner would be mad not to at least try and get them into a position where they can take on the very best in the not too distant future.

Time will certainly tell as to whether Action’s record-breaking performance was a flash in the pan or a sign of better things to come. One thing is for sure – the team league is on notice: Action are not just jokers anymore!

Do you think Team Action are potential team champions in the making? Have your say in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Team Action – are they really title-worthy?!

  1. We may be biased being that it took a record breaking performance to beat us, but it will eventually be Team Action taking those titles. We have a feeling those belts will be around the waists of Team Patriots for awhile, until Team Action comes knocking.

    But like I said. We are biased.

    Then we will eventually have our rematch. Taking those belts from them.

    It’s a long road ahead, but hell, we drive a long road just to get our asses to Collider each time.


    1. Hey Robert – thanks very much for the comment. Congratulations on your debut showing & looking forward to seeing who Kristian has up his sleeve for you all to face next!


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