Will Collision spell the end for the Four Horsemen?

Since the day the Schmoedown decided to bring in factions to its storylines, there have been two major groups who have dominated the headlines: the Lion’s Den and the Four Horsemen.

Despite the emergence of the Young Bucks and The League, it is the original two squads that remain the most popular and the most talked about. As such, it would be a huge risk for the storywriters at Schmoedown HQ to take one of them out of the game. At Collision, though, I can see one inner-faction feud coming to a head.

All has not been well within the Four Horsemen. At one time or another their members have held all three of the major belts, and now they have nothing but bravado to show for their efforts. Of course, they could have two of the three back around their waists by the time Collision ends, but what if they don’t

Four HorsemenJohn Rocha’s relationship with William Bibbiani has been deteriorating since the start of 2017, with “The Outlaw” routinely trying to offer advice to his stable-mate, particularly in the aftermath of defeat.

“The Beast”, meanwhile, has been critical of Rocha’s leadership, or lack thereof, since his arrival into the Four Horsemen bosom. His complaints have not been limited to just the Schmoedown shows, with his views on the subject also aired on both the “Schmoedown Rundown” and when the pair recently appeared together on the “Schmoes Know Show“.

It is clear not all is well, and my main storyline prediction heading into the Collision is that we will come out the other side without the Four Horsemen still intact. Should Rocha win the triple-threat match it may not happen, but were he to lose, it would not be a huge shock to witness Bibbiani hand out his own advice that may not go down so well with the former champ.

Should that happen, it would be understandable if the Four Horsemen went their separate ways ahead of the Ultimate Schmoedown. That does not mean, however, that I would rule out Rocha starting up an even wider-ranging movement within the Schmoedown’s competitors.

RochaInstead of a faction, Rocha could choose to create an actual “Outlaw Nation” within the Schmoedown. It’s already a movement among fans, so why not bring it into the league itself?

Instead of your normal everyday faction, Rocha could cherry-pick competitors or teams who he feels most encapsulate the values of the Outlaw Nation. Instead of being the leader of a faction and needing to manage stable-mates when he has his own matches to concern himself with, he could act more as a guru-type character for those who wish improve their own game.

Six Degrees would be the obvious team to become part of the Outlaw Nation given how much they are able to embrace both the showmanship as well as the hard work required to reach the very top of the Schmoedown mountain. Factor in “Miss Movies” has already been pictured on more than one occasion studying with “The Outlaw”, and it certainly fits the narrative (forgetting she also posted a similar photo with Sneider!). Others could certainly follow their lead, though there is no need to rush into anything in terms of recruitment.

As much as “The Outlaw” is a great competitor, he is not a natural manager like Tom Dagnino or Jay Washington. His mic skills are on point, but he has too much on his plate to effectively keep a whole faction happy. Taking a more overarching approach to leading a movement within the Schmoedown could – if he doesn’t in the next week – help him claim back those belts he covets so much.

Do you think the Four Horsemen will survive Collision? Have your say in the comments below!

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