Collider Collision – what we will (and won’t!) see

The time has come. Ever since last year’s Spectacular, the whole Schmoedown league has been building up this event. Collider Collision is on its way, and all four clashes look set to be some of the best and most evenly-matched that we have seen.

Collider CollisionAnd while the movie trivia itself will naturally take centre stage, there are a number of story implications that could come to a head during the course of the extended programme. Fans have been speculating for weeks over different potential storylines, but which will realistically materialise come Friday? Here’s the blog’s thoughts…


For those that do not follow the Schmoedown closely outside of the matches themselves, then this could come as something of a shock when it happens, but the hints have been there that Tom Dagnino is again on the prowl to recruit for the Lion’s Den.

Lion's DenDuring his recent appearance on ‘Inside Schmoedown‘, the man formerly known as Finstock was certainly his usual self, with a series of abrasive comments being aimed at non-Lion’s Den competitors left and right. That was until Jeremy Jahns’s name came up in conversation. A sudden personality shift took place, with Dagnino full of praise for Jahns following his run to the Innegeekdom title match.

Fast-forward to last week, and Dagnino was again the subject of a big interview as he faced a grilling from the ‘Schmoedown Rundown‘ team. The subject of recruitment came up, and the self-appointed king of chest definition admitted that he wants an Innergeekdom competitor to his stable. Though he would not be drawn on a name, he did suggest that the player he wants would give him a great chance of adding another belt to the group. One can only presume that “The Joker” was indeed the man on his mind.

JahnsGiven the extra time given to the Collision, this could be a backstage scene we see ahead of the match, or Dagnino could wait to make his move once he knows whether Jahns has the belt or not. It’s not yet clear whether the offer would be accepted, but it’s almost certain that it will be on the table at some point.


Having written about this a week or so ago, this may not be new to some regular readers, but tensions have been running high among the Four Horsemen.

John Rocha and William Bibbiani have not been seeing eye-to-eye for the past few months, with the pair trading barbs not only on the Schmoedown but also during interviews on the Rundown and the Schmoes Know show. Even this week – while everyone else in the US was celebrating the holiday weekend – they could be seen bickering over the merits of 1985 movie ‘Clue’ on Twitter.

Four HorsemenThat said, Bibbiani was indeed there to lead out Top 10 for their title match against Patriots on Tuesday before moving in to remove Grace Hancock from the interview area following Rocha and Matt Knost’s chastening defeat. Though a couple of their previous arguments were mentioned, there seemed to be a camaraderie there that had not been present for much of the year.

RochaDespite all that, should “The Outlaw” lose out in his second title match of the week in the triple-threat then we might see him draw the curtain on the Four Horsemen and instead go away to concentrate on his own game ahead of the Ultimate Schmoedown. In turn that could allow “The Beast” to form his own team with podcast partner Witney Seibold as he has been hinting at for some time. Outlaw Nation would likely survive, but this could be the end of the first big faction rivalry in Schmoedown history.


Following Drew McWeeny’s win over Josh Macuga a few weeks ago, the Commissioner urged fans to continue watching right to the end of the video so as not to miss something key. What they saw was Ricky Hayberg – not seen since splitting up Team ETC – scheming away having taken the decision to move into management.

Every match since – other than Tuesday’s Patriots vs Top 10 title shootout – has featured a similar clip of Ricky hanging around the Collider studios as its closing image, and one can only presume that we will see something more clearcut at some point during Collision.

Hayberg BTSDuring his appearance on Take 3’s Collider preview, the Commissioner hinted that the ‘Special Programme’ slated for 11 July will delve into exactly what Hayberg has been plotting, but it would likely leave some fans cold if we did not get some sort of pay-off during a huge event such as Friday’s.

Having been massively smug when Hayberg’s original appearances were made that I had in fact predicted who he might be working with some weeks beforehand, the confidence has slowly dripped away after each clip thereafter. Whatever he is up, it’s sure to be huge.

So that’s what I predict will likely happen at Collision, but there is one theory that does not seem to be going away on either the Facebook page or on some reaction videos. And that is…


Having won the Free 4 All earlier in the year, Schmoedown fans have been waiting for Samm Levine to return to cash in his title shot, with many theorising that he could gatecrash the triple threat and make it a fatal fourway or take on the winner in the immediate aftermath.

LevineThe Commissioner has always been clear that “The Inglourious One’s” acting schedule means we are unlikely to see him in action until August, and indeed have my own theory as to when he will eventually play for the belt. For now, I am inclined to believe the man behind the Schmoedown, even it is his job to keep us guessing when it comes to plot points.

That said, it does not mean that I do not think that we could see an additional competitor at least request to be thrown in alongside Rocha, Dan Murrell and Mark Reilly. Remember I thought Ricky Hayberg would make a big splash at Collsion? Here’s my prediction for how it will go…

HaybergJust as the three men have sat down and prepared themselves for battle, Hayberg crashes through the curtain, demanding his new client – whoever that may be – is given a seat at the table alongside the three champion competitors. He then reveals who it is he has been speaking to for the past few weeks, giving the Collision it’s huge story moment.

Though I doubt this request will be met, it would be a great way to reveal exactly what has been going on, and would allow the Commissioner to then speak to him about exactly what has been going on during the special programme that airs four days later.

What do you think the big storylines will be that come out of Collision? Have your say in the comments below!

NB: On Friday, I will be live tweeting the Collider Collision as soon as it lands on Youtube. If you want to join in the conversation, follow @SchmoedownBlog.

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