Collider Collision – what happens next?

Well, well, well. Just when you thought the Schmoedown could not get any better, the Commissioner and his team drop the Collider Collision on us fans. An event that promised so much managed to exceed expectations, with all *SPOILER ALERT* five matches providing great entertainment.

Murell ChampThe fallout will continue to be felt around the league for months to come, and not just within the ring. A number of major storylines came to a head, and there is so much to breakdown from what was four hours of rollercoaster action.

Though I will likely write longer pieces surrounding some of these topics in the weeks to come, here are my thoughts on some of the major talking points heading into the second half of the season…


After a ridiculously close match, one would have been forgiven for thinking the post-match interviews for both Rotten Tomatoes and Nerd’s Watch would be relatively straightforward. Drake and Atchity will now face the Patriots for the belt on August 18 while Cushing and Napzok can begin their preparations for the Ultimate Schmoedown. Trust JTE to complicate matters!

“Little Evil” has been looking to get his singles career back on track, and the feud that has been bubbling with the “The Pitboss” is now set to come to a head in the ring.

JTE vs KenThe Commissioner revealed on this week’s ‘Schmoedown Rundown‘ that the match will in fact act as a qualifer for the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament despite JTE having a negative record no matter what happens. There is currently a gap in the schedule on July 28, and one can only presume that this is the match that will fill that void. Expect plenty of references to buses and Ecuadorian heritage before the month is out…


In what was easily the most topsy-turvy encounter of the whole Collision, Hector Navarro squeaked past Jeremy Jahns to retain his title. With no Ultimate Schmoedown for the division to look forward, the question has to be asked as to what we should expect in the second half of the year.

Navarro ChampWe already know that Rachel Cushing will take on Mike Kalinowski on August 4 while Robert Meyer Burnett will make his return to the ring against Jason Inman on August 15.

The Commissioner has also confirmed in the aftermath of Collision that there will be an Innergeekdom match on the undercard of his title match against Dan Murrell on September 12 while there is a further as yet unknown match on the schedule for November 21.

One would imagine the latter may be a fatal five-way, where Jay Washington, among others, may get their chance to make their way in the league. As for the rest of the year, we could see Cushing/Kalinowski v Burnett/Inman, with the winner taking on Coy Jandreau in a No.1 contender match ahead of the Schmoedown Spectacular at the end of the year. “The Nightmare” could then aim to defend his title at the final big event of 2017. Make it happen, KH!


It would not be a major Schmoedown event without the Lion’s Den making their presence known, and boy did they cause controversy yet again!

First up, locking Emma Fyffe in an office so that Grace Hancock could hijack interviewing responsibilities was perhaps the most despicable thing we’ve seen in terms of the Schmoedown from Tom Dagnino, and it will be interesting to see what happens with the suspension that was promised by the Commissioner towards the end of the show.

Initially there was confusion given the artist formerly known as Finstock has a match against Matt Knost scheduled for this coming Friday, but the Commissioner has moved quickly to confirm that is still going ahead.

He did, however, hint during his ‘Rundown‘ interview that there could be stipulations placed on the match that will be revealed during Tuesday’s special programme, and it would not be a surprise if there is a ruling where Dagnino needs to win to avoid yet another ban.

Lion's DenWhile that was all going on, the fallout from Jeff Sneider’s defeat to Kristian Harloff threatened to boil over. Challenge after challenge rained down upon the judges from “The InSneider”, and both Dagnino and Marc Andreyko were hugely vocal post-match regarding the wording of a number of questions as well querying the integrity of a league that has its Commissioner fighting in the title match.

Any fans taking this at all seriously probably need to listen to any interview the Commissioner has given regarding the game itself while Sneider’s own reaction was exaggerated to fit his heel persona.

That said, Sneider put out the feelers that he wanted to be interviewed so he could get his side of the story across. The Rundown would be the obvious outlet for such a chat, but should he think their relationship to Harloff is too close, Schmoedown Blog is offering its hand to sit down journalist-to-journalist to get the full exposé.  You know where I am!


It was the only one of my Collision predictions that came through, with the Four Horsemen’s long-awaited demise coming to pass following John Rocha’s defeat in the triple-threat title match. His bickering with William Bibbiani has bubbled under the surface throughout 2017, and “The Beast” finally cut his ties with his faction during the post-match interview (more to follow on that later…).

Unlike some, I choose to believe Robert Meyer Burnett when he says he was out of town during the filming of Collision, but it remains to be seen whether Rocha and Knost continue to run the Horsemen and try find a new fourth member.

RochaAlternatively, given “The Outlaw’s” new mellower persona without the suits, mask or attitude, he may opt to go it alone and re-brand himself during the second half of the season. Top 10 will be many people’s favourites to win the Ultimate Schmoedown if Patriots win their title match and choose not to enter. He will also be seeded #1 for the singles tournament if Dan Murrell defends against the Commissioner, and as such still has a real chance of holding two of the belts he covets so much by the year’s end. He also has a clear run to become the first singles competitor to win 10 matches, which would be a nice record to have.

Being able to concentrate on his own game rather than worrying about a faction may be for the best for now, though do not discount him starting up the “Outlaw Nation” movement where he can act as a guru rather than a more involved manager.


Speculation has been rife as to just what Ricky Hayberg has been up to over the past few weeks, and as expected the reveal was made on the biggest stage.

Turns out the former ETC mouthpiece has been plotting alongside William Bibbiani, with the plan to take “The Beast” to the top of the rankings during the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament.

Hayberg HorsemenDuring his interview with Take 3 ahead of the Collision, the Commissioner hinted that Tuesday’s special programme would delve more into exactly what has been happening. Though I predict it will end up being more of a Collision retrospective with the Lion’s Den taking a prominent role, we could get some further hints as to who else might be joining this new faction.

Many have suggested Bibbiani team up with his podcast partner, Witney Seibold, in the team league, and this could now pave the way for that to come to pass. At the time of writing, Only Stupid Answers have their debut match scheduled for eight days’ time, but their opponents continue to be kept under wraps.

It could be that team ‘Cancelled Too Soon’ are to be the team they take on, while Josh Macuga’s mystery new partner could also be revealed. Either way, it looks set to be a dramatic week at Schmoedown towers.


Speaking of new teams, and following his defeat to Dan Murrell after cashing in the title shot he earned at the Free 4 All, Samm Levine was offered the opportunity to jump back into team action by the Commissioner, with Drew McWeeny mooted as a potential partner.

McWeeny LevineSome even thought it would be them who we see in action against Only Stupid Answers, but listening to Harloff on the ‘Rundown‘ it seems that he was not sure that “The Godfather” would even accept, so it’s doubtful they will be thrown into action until after the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament.

McWeeny has since replied and it seems a team who have the experience and knowledge to challenge the Patriots are on their way. We could even see them going for the title at the 2018 Collision if they make the impact many are expecting…

What did you make of the Collsion, and what are your predictions for the second half of the year? Have your say in the comments below!

P.S. I haven’t forgotten Mark Reilly – there will be a tribute to the first Movie Trivia Schmoedown champion coming later this week…

3 thoughts on “Collider Collision – what happens next?

  1. Always a great read Tom. I’m hoping to see you put together a blog where you try to figure out the seeding of the ultimate Schmoedown and potential matches there. (Looking for a Rocha VS Mantz 1V16 match)


    1. Thanks Scott. As much as I’d love to do a US ranking preview it’s difficult with the matches they have scheduled. For example, both Brianne & Kalinowski are outside the top 10 atm, but whoever wins their upcoming match will leap a fair few places. Brianne could be seeded as high as #6 above the likes of Andreyko, Bibbiani & Cushing, but without knowing the results it’s difficult to speculate anymore than that.


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