Should the unstoppable Patriots be made to run the Schmoedown gauntlet?!

By Jared Prestwidge

We need to talk about the Patriots. With a record of 6-0 and their recent dismantling of Top Ten, there is no denying them being the apex predators of the league. Jeff “The Insneider” Sneider and “Little Evil” JTE have ridden their villainous attitudes and movie trivia prowess all the way to the top of the team division, dismissing all challengers to their beloved belts.

But challengers for the top prize are always at the ready, with Rotten Tomatoes next in line after seeing off The Nerd’s Watch at last week’s Collider Collision. Matt Atchity and Grae Drake have been on a hot streak so far in 2017 and they are no doubt an impressive pair, but are they hot enough to do what has never been done? Maybe they could use a little help.PatriotsPicture this scene for a moment. The next title match goes down on 18 August and the pre-show goes ahead as normal, but with Mark Ellis and Ken Napzok taking the reins. The two respective teams take their shots at one another, we hear the tale of the tape and the Pit Boss goes ahead to call out the challengers. A familiar song interrupts him (no chance in hell!) and out comes the Commissioner, grinning from ear to ear. He calls the Patriots to come out first, to thank them for all they’ve done for the league as team champions. And as a token of his appreciation he announces he has a present for them. They won’t be playing just one team title match, but three!

It turns out that the Commissioner has had just about enough of the shenanigans of the Lion’s Den. The imprisonment of Emma Fyffe, their cocky attitudes and the constant questioning of his integrity has to have consequences. They’re about to learn what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you. So there we have it, three title matches back to back to back. Reel Rejects come out first, then Six Degrees (or maybe Team Action), then finally Rotten Tomatoes. The first two matches should probably be three rounds, to save a little time.

Now you might look at a matchup of the Patriots vs Reel Rejects and scoff, claiming John Humphrey and Greg Alba have no chance, and that’s exactly the point. The point is to wear the Patriots down, even just that little bit. This is a game where a single question is all that separates a win from a loss, and Six Degrees just came off an impressive 24 point TKO in their last win against Tuff Beats. If these ladies can pull out a similar performance, they could make Sneider and JTE sweat. Anything is possible, we could very well see Six Degrees take the belts from the Patriots, only to lose them immediately to Rotten Tomatoes 20 minutes later.Patriots CelebrateIt’s my belief that this scenario would be a win for the league regardless of the outcome. If the titles change hands, the Patriots can cry heel and claim that they can only be defeated unless they get cheated while also furthering Tom Dagnino’s claim that he himself should be the person running the league.

If they retain, they will have even more heat going into the Schmoedown Spectacular at the end of the year. And breaking kayfabe for a moment, I’m positive that Sneider and JTE would welcome the challenge, and the opportunity to be a part of such a shakeup to the system.

Will something like this actually happen? Probably not. Will Rotten Tomatoes and the Patriots give us a good show worthy of the team championship? Most likely. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown has come a long way since the days of Phase Five, with more and more competitors showing they are willing to get their hands dirty in the name of entertainment. And if Collision was any indication, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

What do you make of the idea to have the Patriots face more one than one challenger in the same day? Have your say in the comments below!

Thanks very much to Jared for reaching out and offering to write the above piece. If you are interested in contributing DM me @SchmoedownBlog or drop me a comment on the blog or on Facebook – Tom

4 thoughts on “Should the unstoppable Patriots be made to run the Schmoedown gauntlet?!

  1. Honestly, I have underestimated Patriots from Day 1, but after their phenomenal win over Top 10 I’m sold. I do not support them, but they have my respect.

    All being said, I don’t think Rotten Tomatoes can take down Patriots even after two matches beforehand. I had high hopes for Nerd’s Watch, and I really thought they might have a shot at the belt, but “sigh”.

    I do not see a team in the league that can take Team Championship belt from Patriots, we need someone new and strong. Think about it, Patriots burst through the ranks having been freshly formed, so did Top 10. I say we wait for a new team or at least hope Nerd’s Watch get their chance after all


      1. Oh, you meant Nerd’s Watch? Sorry, I thought you said Night Sisters xD No, Nerd’s Watch could, 6 degrees absolutely not


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