Who should the Horsemen recruit this time?!

When factions were first introduced to the Schmoedown less than a year ago, it was no surprise to see John Rocha at the centre of much of what was going on. One of the most popular characters was never likely to sit and watch others put together stables of their own, and alongside team-mate Matt Knost he set about creating the Four Horsemen. Needless to say, it did not go well!

Just over six months since recruiting William Bibbiani and Robert Meyer Burnett, both have moved onto pastures new, leaving Top 10 back where they started. Though some felt the recent face turn from “The Outlaw” meant he and “Mighty Matt” would be going it alone for the forseeable future, the pair have instead vowed to head back to the drawing board and increase their number yet again. It remains to be seen as to whether this will be under the guise of the Horsemen or a totally new faction, but it has created speculation as to who would be best for them to recruit this time around.

HorsemenBefore getting into the potential options, it’s important to remember that Rocha is attempting to come across as a more mellow individual when it comes to the Schmoedown, and as such working alongisde heels such as Six Degrees or Team Action seems unlikely.

Similarly, his previous attitude towards certain competitors is unlikely to have gained him many friends among the faces of the league, and as such a mooted alliance with Ken Napzok and the Nerd’s Watch would also be a surprise. Factor in that all those mentioned previously will be gunning for the team belt alongside Top 10 and it would be foolhardy to yet again recruit competitors who share similar goals as to those of either Rocha or Top 10 as a team.

Instead, “The Outlaw” must look for players who have remained relatively neutral throughout their Schmoedown careers to date but have the potential to challenge for belts and in turn push him towards the records he lusts for so much.

Here, then, are my picks for who Rocha and Knost could recruit to their new/old faction…


Though Dewberry often played the heel during his time as part of Team ETC, his recent dumping at the hands of Ricky Hayberg may see him, much like Rocha, become more of a face going forward.

DewberryHis current singles record of 1-2 does not reflect the talent he has given he almost single-handedly dragged ETC to within one match of a title shot, and some fans – including your’s truly – are hopeful he will make his return to the ring in the upcoming five-way tournament qualifier as he looks to resurrect his Schmoedown career.

Not only does it make sense from a ranking point of view, however, but it would also make for a great narrative. After Hayberg managed to get into William Bibbiani’s head and steal him from under the Horsemen’s noses as he formed the Growling Commandos, it would make for an exciting storyline to see Rocha begin his revenge by taking Dewberry under his own wing and help establish his new charge as a player who can compete among the very best in the league. If the Horsemen are to stay relevant in this developing storyline, this would be a great twist.


As the Lion’s Den have shown in their recent move to take Burnett over to the dark side, any good faction needs an Innergeekdom competitor, and while Rocha studies hard to eventually begin his path towards the Schmoedown’s answer to the Intercontinental Belt, who better to back than Inman.

InmanThough he disappointed many of his fans on his Innergeekdom debut, the Commissioner announced last week that he would be getting back into the ring soon, potentially against Emma Fyffe. Though many are already crowning Rachel Cushing and Mike Kalinowski as the next contenders to Hector Navarro’s throne, Inman has the potential to go all the way if he can iron out a few weak areas while he could even resurrect his singles career should he get some confidence under his belt.

Not only that, but were he to join the Horsemen, then it could pave the way for perhaps the most surprising team-up the Schmoedown has seen thus far…


That’s right kids – you heard me! Scott Mantz. One of the YouTube film community’s greatest rivalries finally put to rest in a bid to save the Schmoedown from those who rain terror upon it.

MantzRocha’s whole journey towards the belt began with defeat to “The Mantz Man” and his infamous Bespin moment, but with the pair now having not faced off in the Schmoedown ring for almost a year it could be the perfect to time to bury the hatchet and come together as a force for good.

If the Commissioner moves quickly he could even put this storyline into action when Mantz faces “The Beast” in their upcoming Ultimate Schmoedown qualifier, though the logistics of potentially getting Inman involved first may be difficult.

There is also the question of how this would work with Team Trek very much a viable contender within the league, but after two straight defeats and a tournament in which they will likely be seen as outsiders, it would not be a shock to see Inman and Mantz put team play on the back burner and instead focus on their respective Innergeekdom and singles pathways should they suffer an early exit.

Though this team-up of Rocha, Knost, Dewberry, Inman and Mantz may not seem to have the same drama within it as the previous Horsemen, it would certainly be a very stable stable (Apologies!) while also furthering the established story within the world of the Schmoedown. A win-win for all concerned, and a real kick in the backside for those who thought “The Outlaw” might be on his way out.

Who do you think the Horsemen should look to recruit in the coming weeks? Have your say in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Who should the Horsemen recruit this time?!

  1. Team Action. That would’ve been a great contrast, Rocha and Knost are mature and grounded, while Ben and Andrew are kind of young and wild horses (heh heh).

    Ken and Rachel would’ve been great but unlikely, just like Dan and Andy.

    If Mantz and Inman join that would be hilarious, but they’re rarely at Schmoedown, The Horseman need more dedicated members


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