Should Top 10 team with Nerd’s Watch to take down the Lion’s Den?

By Jamie Gakuo

Following the break-up of the Four Horsemen in the aftermath of the Collider Collision, many have claimed John Rocha & Matt Knost are finished when it comes to creating a faction. This writer would argue they are merely going through a rebirth.

Top 10There are plenty of options out there for them to consider as potential stablemates, but one group makes more sense than any others – the front runners for Rookie Team of the Year: The Nerd’s Watch.

While many have pointed to a potential conflict between clear faces and past heels as well as potentially clubbing two of the league’s top teams together, but there are plenty of reasons as to why it should happen…


Rocha has stated on numerous occasions that he wants all the belts and all the records. With Ken Napzok already the holder of the Star Wars belt while both Top 10 and “The Outlaw” himself are gunning for the team and singles belts respectively. One thing missing from their resume is an Innergeekdom contender. Enter Rachel Cushing!

Cushing“The Crusher’s” Innergeekdom debut ended in a heartbreaking buzzer-related defeat to Jeremy Jahns despite having answered more questions throughout the match. The 2017 Rookie of the Year (no-one is catching her now, right?!) has the greatest potential to win the IG belt of those who are both not part of a current faction and also available to participate in the show semi-regularly even they themselves are not competing.


Just to get one thing out there,  I personally never saw Rocha as a heel but as an insanely passionate and competitive Schmoedown player that’s too often confused as “being the bad guy”. Apparently making your goals and ambitions clear for all to see has seen some term “The Outlaw” as a heel, and as such his more recent demeanour is him “turning face”. For me, it’s more of a humbling.

RochaRocha addressed Mark Reilly after the triple threat title match at Collision in a sombre and respectful manner that completely differed from his previous encounter with “Yodi”. This showed a change of heart in Rocha and another reason why joining with a face team isn’t as ridiculous as it may seem to some.


In history there is nothing that brings people together more than a common enemy. Whether it’s the US fighting alongside Russia against the Nazi’s or Venom joining Spiderman to fight Carnage, it happens in both real life and the realms of fiction. Alliances, however temporary, have been formed to take on a formidable foe and both Rocha and “The Pitboss” have a common enemy in the Lion’s Den.

Lion's DenRocha had issues with Tom Dagnino and his motley crew even before Robert Meyer Burnett’s defection while Napzok has made it clear on various occasions of his disdain for the Patriots, and his match against JTE later this week will see that can of worms opened up yet again.

This shared hatred of the Lion’s Den would give a  Top 10/Nerd’s Watch combo a clear purpose and narrative moving forward that would combine both the Outlaw Nation and Nerd’s Watch fans in all its hype and glory.

Is a team-up between Top 10 and the Nerd’s Watch be something you’d be keen to see? Have your say in the comments below!

Thanks very much to Jamie for reaching out and offering to write the above piece. If you are interested in contributing DM me @SchmoedownBlog or drop me a comment on the blog or on Facebook – Tom

2 thoughts on “Should Top 10 team with Nerd’s Watch to take down the Lion’s Den?

  1. I love watching Ken tease Rocha during matches too much)) I don’t think he would want to inject himself in the political side of the Schmoedown, and neither would Rachel


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