COMPETITORS: “Big” Jon Schnepp & Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro



FORM (Most recent first)WWLW

By Jared Prestwidge

Heroes are a team rife with shocking upsets, a constantly changing roster and crippling betrayal – you could even be forgiven for believing their story has come straight from the pages of actual comic book!

HeroesJon Schnepp and his partner Robert Meyer Burnett entered the Schmoedown team league in 2016, matched up against the people’s champs the Wolves of Steel. In what many thought was a squash match designed to buoy Mark Reilly and Clarke Wolfe towards the title at the Schmoedown Spectacular, Heroes pulled out one of the biggest upsets in the league’s short history.

As fate would have it, Heroes spun their signature comic book movies category to propel themselves to a No.1 contender’s match against the Patriots. Despite going toe-to-toe with Jeff Sneider & JTE for the first half of their match, Heroes crumbled by giving away crucial steals and missing all three questions in the final round.

Once season four of the Schmoedown rolled around in 2017, the newly crowned Innergeekdom champion Burnett made his return, bringing along Heroes benchwarmer John Campea to face Superhero News in a hotly contested bout. Campea proved an effective substitute for Schnepp, with the duo using their impressive team chemistry to once again force themselves into the championship conversation.

With Schnepp’s return, Heroes went up against the recently defeated Trek, in a match that was do or die for both teams. Mirroring their infamous debut, Heroes once again spun comic book movies to deny Scott Mantz and Jason Inman’s road back to the No.1 contender spot.

Since losing his Innergeekdom title to nemesis Hector Navarro in February, Burnett has made a change in his demeanor in a bid for singles greatness. With his maniacal post interview rants and eventual alliance with the Lion’s Den, Burnett soured his relationship with his Heroes partner. Claiming to share no love for ‘villains’, Schnepp formed a new team WITH Navarro, leaving Burnett vowing revenge on the little “pipsqueak” (his words, not mine!).

With the new and improved Team Heroes set to make their debut at the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown Tournament, it’s difficult to tell exactly how well Schnepp and Navarro will work together. Schnepp does have an admittedly spotty track record individually with his loss to Finstock, along with a lax attitude towards competition which resulted in him leaving precious points on the table. Navarro is a worthy champion of the Innergeekdom division, but he is still unproven when it comes to all round movie trivia knowledge. Both appear to have similar strengths (comic book movies, fantasy/sci-fi) which could cause failure just as easily as it could result in dominance. Their future fate could well depend on that wily old wheel…

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