TEAM PROFILE: Critically Acclaimed

TEAM NAME: Critically Acclaimed

COMPETITORS: William “The Beast” Bibbiani & Witney Seibold

FACTION: Growling Commandos


FORM (Most recent first)W

By Christopher Rigby

The self-proclaimed smartest team of the Schmoedown, Critically Acclaimed have a bold attitude with the skills to back it up. Led by the domineering William Bibbiani, Critically Acclaimed may be one of the latest teams to join the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, but there is a storied history already forming.

Critically AcclaimedStunning the world with a perfect score during his debut match. “The Beast” literally could not of had a better start. Eventually joining John Rocha to become the fourth and final member of the Four Horseman, Bibbiani quickly became the rising star of the faction, earning his growl-based moniker along the way. Tasting the limelight Bibbiani embraced his position as a heavy hitter, defining himself with his iconic Lecter mask and orange boiler suit.

Unfortunately after suffering a few defeats, including one notable upset to JTE, Bibbiani has been unable to recapture the magic we all saw in his debut. Refusing to listen to the condescending (at least in The Beast’s mind) words of The Outlaw, Bibbiani left the Four Horseman swearing vengeance.

Having recruited podcast partner Witney Seibold to the Schmoedown cause, Critically Acclaimed put the whole league on notice with a dominant victory against Only Stupid Answers, with Seibold beginning his career with a perfect first round of his own.

Having written for Blumhouse, Seibold obviously possesses a deep knowledge of horror. But despite an impressive showing on debut, Seibold’s strengths and weaknesses actually are remain a relative mystery. If Bibbiani is to be believed, however, Seibold is the T-1000 of movie trivia.

Armed with years of knowledge and experience, Critically Acclaimed hav a smarmy attitude encapsulated in their obnoxious tagline ‘we’re smarter than you’, something they are all too happy to remind you of. Hell bent on running rough shot over the entire team league, whether you think Clue is a classic or not Critically Acclaimed take no prisoners.

Not yet a battle-hardened team, Critically Acclaimed have the brash confidence of a veteran team. Claiming to have no weaknesses the jury is still out on the lofty claims made by Bibbiani and Seibold. Only time can tell if they are able to back their bravado up.

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