TEAM PROFILE: Nerd’s Watch

TEAM NAME: Nerd’s Watch

COMPETITORS: Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing & “The Pitboss” Ken Napzok



FORM (Most recent first)LWW

By Christopher Rigby

Formed with the almost sole purpose of ridding the Schmoedown of the arrogant players that plague it, Rachel Cushing and Ken Napzok have dedicated their lives to defending the integrity and honour of the competition.

Nerds WatchOriginally slated to team up with Samm Levine, “The Crusher” shocked everyone when alongside “The Pitboss” she dominated her debut team before literally crushing when making her Innergeekdom bow. Dominating all the way until a final round defeat to Jeremy Jahns, she cemented herself as a top contender and a fan favourite.

Unhindered by the need to impress or boast, The Nerd’s Watch are a rare shining light amongst a league filled with outlaws, lions and beasts. Don’t be fooled by the name, however, as there is much more to this team than just Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

The reigning Star Wars and Drunk Movie Fights Champion, Napzok drinks and he knows things. Despite a lack of love for animated movies “The Pitboss” has a deceptively strong knowledge, which his opponents often underestimate.

“The Crusher, meanwhile, has an incredible knowledge of directors and Oscar movies, with her more refined movie knowledge adding another dimension to the team.  Together the two form a strong partnership, and where one may falter, the other is ready to pick up the slack. Victories over Tuff Beats and Team Action have offered a hint of what they are capable of, with their only defeat coming to Rotten Tomatoes when the debut of ‘Dance Movies’ was their undoing when on the cusp of a title match.

They have moved on quickly, though, and they aims to capture the team titles as restore order and justice to the league remain intact. Until that day comes, The Nerd’s Watch will wait patiently and continue to drive out the evil that lurks within the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. They are the watchers on the walls. They are the fire that burns against the cold. The light that brings the dawn. They are the Nerd’s Watch, and their watch has only just begun.

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