TEAM PROFILE: Blofeld’s Cat

TEAM NAME: Blofeld’s Cat

COMPETITORS: Marc “The Android” Andreyko & “The Captain” Robert Meyer Burnett

FACTION: Lion’s Den


FORM (Most recent first)N/A

By Jamie Gakuo

A team forged in the flames of controversy, betrayal and ass eating, Robert Meyer Burnett and Marc Andreyko came together to debut in the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown.

Andreyko BurnettFollowing Jon Schnepp’s decision to split from “The Captain” in the aftermath of Burnett’s defection to the Lion’s Den, the former Innergeekdom champion vowed to return with a bigger and better team. In linking up with “The Android” he seems to have done just that, with fate drawing them against the latest Heroes iteration straight off the bat.

Burnett was previously the driving force behind Heroes’s impressive 3-1 record, and for carrying Schnepp to the verge of a title bout he arguably deserves an outstanding achievement prize already. Whether he can do the same with Andreyko remains to be seen, but the odds are that he will have to do a little less of the heavy lifting.

“The Android” may have only made a fleeting few appearances in the ring, but his impact has been huge. He lost out to William Bibbiani on debut despite almost pitching the perfect game, filled in for Finstock during his retirement match against Josh Macuga and provided arguably the most jaw-dropping moment in Schmoedown history with his knockout entrance to the Free 4 All.

In terms of strengths, both have a great knowledge of comic book movies while any Star Trek question that comes up will likely leave Burnett licking his lips. Andreyko has – from the evidence of what we have seen so far – the more rounded movie knowledge, and if Burnett can act as the perfect foil then they have the potential to threaten those at the top of the rankings.

The only question would be regarding their chemistry, with both strong and opinionated characters. Bringing them together is perhaps Tom Dagnino’s toughest task to date, but if he is able to combine their skills then he could have another potential champion team on his hands.

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