Should Clarke Wolfe join the MissFits?


Love them or hate them, Jay Washington and Six Degrees have made quite the impact within the Schmoedown since their team-up earlier in 2017. But after “The Urban Gladiator” vowed to create an all-female faction, speculation has been rife as to who else could join the MissFits.

Six DegreesSocial media has been abuzz with Brianne Chandler and Stacy Howard already beginning to tap-up potential new stablemates while they recently showed up for Rachel Cushing’s match against Mike Kalinowski with a sign that could be seen as a bid to butter up the Crusher ahead of a recruitment drive.

But the current odds-on favourite to become the next MissFit is Clarke Wolfe. “The Classy One” remains a fan favourite and is about to enter the tournaments as the #2 seed in both singles and teams, and as such supporters are split as to whether she should join a new stable.

With that in mind and as she ponders yet another big decision (!), we look to break down the big debate – should Clarke Wolfe join the MissFits?

THE CASE FOR (by Tom Maston)

Jay Washington’s bid to create a female-only faction is an admirable one, and the fact that he is doing so while portraying a heel persona will only make his life more difficult. But his approach – along with Six Degrees – in trying to recruit Clarke Wolfe is a move that certainly intrigues this writer.

Since her arrival into the Schmoedown ring in 2016, Wolfe has been the shining beacon that other female competitors are looking to replicate. Her record, particularly in singles, remains one of the most impressive on the circuit, and though Wolves of Steel have not quite hit the heights many hoped they would in the aftermath of “The Decision”, her and Mark Reilly still managed to secure themselves a title bout against the Patriots earlier in 2017.

WolfeBut with the Wolves of Steel moving towards a potential break-up or hiatus should they fall short in the team tournament, the time is right for Wolfe to take the next step on her Schmoedown journey. That step should include becoming the latest member of the MissFits.

From a story point of view it makes a lot of sense. For the MissFits to realistically push the Lion’s Den and the Growling Commandos for supremacy they need fresh members, and “The Urban Gladiator’s” devotion to only recruiting female competitors means he only has a small field from which to choose from. Rachel Cushing has been touted as the other potential new member, but other than when James Bond was introduced into the realm of Innergeekdom, she has never shown any signs of turning heel while he relationship with Nerd’s Watch team-mate Ken Napzok seems pretty solid.

Wolfe, meanwhile, looks set to be forced to go out on her own in the near future, and classiness is a trait that can easily be used by a villain without it severely altering their character. She has also shown a willingness to get involved when it comes to memorable entrances, which is likely a big reason as to why Six Degrees have been so attracted to adding her to their stable. Her affiliation to horror movies would also lend itself to the MissFits’s recent switch to portraying famous movie villains during their recent matches.

There is the potential for conflict if Chandler or Howard eventually make a play for the singles belt, but the upcoming tournament match between the former and Wolfe would act as the perfect backdrop for the move to be made. Trying to bring “The Classy One” back from the dark side could also play as a great storyline for Reilly when he eventually returns to the ring, and as such I cannot wait for the moment this all clicks into gear.

THE CASE AGAINST (by Sarah Hussain)

Pardon my awful pun, but Clarke Wolfe and the MissFits would be an absolute MISSMATCH.

Let me be clear, I’m fully on board with the recent attitude change that Six Degrees have made under the advocacy of Jay Washington; frankly, it’s just really cool to see these badass women make a statement in the league after having so many heel teams full of men. But that doesn’t mean Wolfe has to join them.

Wolfe EntranceFirst of all, her whole moniker signifies classiness. We all love how she can crush her opponent and still remain humble. And while Chandler and Howard are a fierce duo, their recent habits of interrupting interviews and taunting competitors do not fall in line with the practices of “The Classy One.” Win or lose, Wolfe enters and exits the Schmoedown stage graciously. Yes, like any competitor, she could potentially make a heel turn, but it needs to feel organic. And at this point, she’s not even close to that trajectory yet.

More importantly, she has nothing to gain from this new alliance. I imagine that if she joined them, she’d be the pre-Collision Marc Andreyko of the group – the one who stands in the back while the others speak. She can absolutely bring a lot of repute and knowledge to their stable, but what can they do for her?

Her entrance game is already on point, she’s not looking to talk smack against her opponents, and she seems to have bigger goals and aspirations that don’t match up with theirs. She doesn’t want to waste her time taking down Tom Dagnino. She doesn’t have a list of people that she wants to “dismiss”. Plain and simple, she wants a belt, and ironically, Chandler just so happens to be standing in the way on one of the routes to the singles belt. And if there’s anything we learned from the Four Horsemen, conflicts of interest never work themselves out.

In a previous article, I mentioned that people who join factions should be good players with potential. We’ve seen what joining factions do to competitors who are already at the top. “Classy Clarke” doesn’t have the potential to be a strong player – she’s already is a killer in this league. She’s one of the top three contenders in singles and one of the only six people in Schmoedown history to fight for multiple belts. Bottom line? She’s a winner.

She has paved the way for women in this league and is a superstar, so why should she be the supporting player in someone else’s stable? Yes, she will probably need to start looking for a new team partner after the Ultimate Schmoedown is over, but there are many avenues that she can go down other than one leading to the MissFits.

Do you think Clarke Wolfe should join the MissFits? And if not, who should? Have your say in the comments below!

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