TEAM NAME: Team Trek

COMPETITORS: “The Mantz Man” Scott Mantz & Jason “Justice” Inman



FORM (Most recent first)LLWWW

By: Mathieu Chin-Quee

“To boldly go where no man has gone before…”

These are the words of the Starship Enterprise, and they also accurately represent the formidable Team Trek. Comprised of the loveable ball of energy that is Scott Mantz and the ever knowledgeable Jason Inman, this team started off a whopping 3-0 with 2 knockouts.

Team TrekIf their name wasn’t enough indication, Star Trek is this team’s biggest strength. Perhaps only rivalled by Robert Meyer Burnett, this duo knows every incarnation of Star Trek inside and out. And despite the fact that Star Trek as a category does not appear often outside of the Innergeekdom matches, Team Trek brings a lot more strengths individually and as a team.

“The Mantz Man” is best known for his former rivalry with John Rocha and his encyclopedic knowledge of movie release dates. He is the sole champion of this category and probably the only competitor in the league who would willingly choose the category and excel in it. Mantz is also a competitor that is not afraid to get excited or argue with the result of a match if he feels he has been slighted. His never-ending energy and enthusiasm makes him a fan favourite and a hero to many in the league.

Alongside him is the man who arguably knows the DC Universe better than anyone. By far Inman’s biggest non-Star Trek strength is the fact that he works for DC as the host of their “All-Access” show. Having this insider knowledge not only gives him advantage over the other competitors on DC films, but he has proven that he knows the world of comic book movies inside and out. There is no Marvel vs DC war in Inman’s eyes – he nails questions regardless of company.

Something that Trek has brought to the league that not many other teams can say they have is undeniable chemistry. While other teams have had their share of disagreements or even infighting, Team Trek stands above all the rest as the team that has never fought or even had any major disagreements with one another.

However, chemistry and vast knowledge sometimes aren’t enough, with Trek having lost their last two matches after starting off with a perfect run. After narrowly and controversially losing to both the Patriots and Heroes – the Patriots match being a championship bout – Trek are looking to rebound and get back on track.

Despite their recent slump, Trek remains one of the strongest teams and a former No.1 ranked contender, determined to live long and prosper in this ever competitive league.

One thought on “TEAM PROFILE: Team Trek

  1. I really want Team Trek to form an alliance (a Federation, so to speak) with Top 10 now that the Horsemen are gone. Not only would it benefit the Rocha-Mantz arc, but it makes sense since they both despise the Kitten Club. It’d also be sweet to see Inman replace Burnett given their (smaller) rivalry and Mantz to replace the beast that beat him.

    If this happens, it will probably be during the 16th seed singles qualifier since Inman and Mantz are in it.

    Great article! I love these analyses of the teams!


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