Is there a better alternative to Dagnino for Commissioner?!

Dagnino. For. Commissioner.

Three words that, whether you like it or not, are dominating the conversation around the Schmoedown as we move into tournament season. The Lion’s Den manager’s quest to dethrone Kristian Harloff is moving apace as we eventually build towards Spectacular, and fans are split as to whether they would like to see the self-proclaimed king of chest definition take the Schmoedown reins.

Dagnino IIWhile many are vociferously supporting the man formerly known as Finstock, some are flabbergasted at the notion that he could realistically take over and do the job given the success that Harloff has made of, what is in basic terms, a trivia show based on WWE wrestling.

So if not Dagnino, who are the other candidates to potentially take over from Harloff should he ever require a break or feel the league needs a new direction? Here’s just a few of the names in the mix…


As the co-founder of the Schmoedown, Ellis would be the obvious candidate to take over should the Commissioner ever hand over the keys. A regular at the announcer’s desk, “Baby Carrots” knows almost as much about the inner-workings of the Schmoedown than Harloff himself.

EllisAnd while most fans would be more than happy for Ellis to take the reins, there could be some issues given how busy he has become over the past few weeks. As well as his stand-up schedule which takes him away from the Collider studios, he is also now the regular host of Movie Talk, and as such he already has his hands full.

Though from a storyline point of view moving from one Schmoe to another would be an easy transition to make, the logisitics of it may be more difficult for it to work on screen.


While Dagnino himself has produced some of the best one-liners in Schmoedown history, in 2017 he has finally found a challenger for his status as the league’s best mouthpiece in the shape of Jay Washington.

WashingtonActing as an advocate for Six Degrees, “The Urban Gladiator” has taken the world of movie trivia by storm with his work on the mic as well as his willingness to stand up to Dagnino and “The Kitten Club”. His drive to add more female players to the league is also admirable and his recent victory over Robert Meyer Burnett suggested he is able to back up all the talk with performances in the ring.

In terms of whether he would be a viable option for commissioner, the fact that he shares the same disdain for the Lion’s Den as Harloff certainly would help his case while he would not be shy in making tough decisions. Whether the rest of the league would quite be on board with it could be the deciding factor, but he’d surely be the lesser of two evils, wouldn’t he?!


Since his decision to step down as the manager of the Young Bucks, Cobbster’s contributions to the Schmoedown have largely come off screen, save for perhaps the greatest fantasy update of all time!

CobbsterBut having proven himself as a more than capable producer of the Schmoes Know live show, it would make sense from a story point of view for Harloff to hand over the keys to the Schmoedown to his young charge should he require a break from manning the fort.

Of the options laid out in this article, this has the potential to be the most entertaining in terms of using real life to tell the story. Cobbster’s negative relationship with the Schmoedown is well known and it could make for humerous viewing as he attempts to control the various characters who make the Schmoedown what it is. We might even get a glimpse of ‘Angry Cobbster’ if things start to go wrong, albeit only in the realms of kayfabe.


While he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Davids has certainly made an impact since his arrival onto the Schmoedown Rundown team. Whether it is making controversial predictions, disagreeing with his fellow hosts or making his allegiances towards certain factions clear, listening to “The Duke” give his opinions has helped take the show to another level in recent months.

But what would make Davids such a good potential commissioner? Some may argue that the fact he is not actually present at the studios puts him in a difficult position to realistically oversee ongoings in Burbank, but Davids has shown a strength required for a potential leader as well as being in an advantageous position compared to almost every other fan of the show.

His almost weekly discussions regarding the rules of the game are well known to Schmoedown Rundown listeners, and handing him the keys to the kingdom could allow his much talked about ‘Schmoedown Rules Summit’ to be brought forward so the controversies that have plagued the game at times this season can finally be outlawed.

He also has the benefit of having the ear of a number of key competitors having interviewed them on multiple occasions for the show, and as such should be able to deal with any concerns quickly and with a strong hand.

Quite whether Harloff would want someone who could so easily pander to the requests of Dagnino and ‘Top Den’ at the helm in his absence remains to be seen, but Davids certainly has all the skills required to make a good go of running the show.

Who do you want to see take over as commissioner if Harloff eventually steps away? Have your say in the comments below!

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