TEAM NAME: DC Movie News

COMPETITORS: Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski & Adam Gertler

FACTION: The League


FORM (Most recent first)W

By Cameron Hass

“No more heels – I’m wiping them out!”

These the words of Mike Kalinowski, whose hero persona has seen him quickly become a fan favourite within the realm of the Schmoedown, and alongside team-mate Adam Gertler he has looked to establish himself as a potential triple-threat candidate as part of DC Movie News.

DC Movie NewsThe formation of The League preceded DC’s team debut, with Roxy Striar and Johnny Loquasto acting as manager and mouthpiece respectively, and though their appearances have been fleeting thus far since their debut in early June of 2017, their mission to act as the premier face faction has begun in style.

Kalinowski is the real star, and despite two disappointing and heartbreaking defeats within the Innergeekdom division, his performances have certainly warranted much more. In singles his record is more favourable with wins over Ashley Robinson and main foe Brianne Chandler, and though he suffered defeat to Drew McWeeny (and – other than Jeff Sneider – who hasn’t?!), he remains a strong contender.

In teams, meanwhile, “The (not so much) Killer” and Gertler made their bow against Cinemablend in a match that was pretty high on quality despite not getting the headlines. Rookie errors from Cinemablend may have hindered the first-timers, but DC still managed to match the then record points tally for a three-round team match, only for Team Action to take the record for themselves weeks later.

Unsurprisingly their main strengths lie within the realm of comic book movies, though Kalinowski’s recent celebrations at the inclusion of James Bond within the Innergeekdom division suggests a feeling that action/adventure would also be favourable. Gertler remains something of an unknown quantity, with his shtick of only speaking in interviews through Striar brings about even more mystery as to his potential.

Kalinowski, meanwhile, must prove himself as being a team leader in the same way the likes of Sneider, John Rocha and Rachel Cushing have for their respective double acts. Though Gertler could yet produce something special once under the lights, “The Killer” needs to be the banker DC can rely on.

However, when all is said and done, if things do not go their way, we all know how keen DC have been for reshoots in recent years, so could the Schmoedown team that bears their name follow suit?!

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