TEAM PROFILE: Cinemablend

TEAM NAME: Cinemablend

COMPETITORS: Eric Eisenberg and Conner Schwerdtfeger



FORM (Most recent first)L

By Tom Maston

When a competitor breaks or equals a Schmoedown record, it is they who take the plaudits. It is their performance that the fans remember and look back on during the quiet moments in their lives. But for every victor there is a loser, and no matter how impressive their showing might be, losing out to record-breakers usually sees them become a forgotten memory, floating in the wind. When it comes to the team league, Cinemablend are exactly that.

CinemaBlendMaking their debut midway through the 2017 season, Eric Eisenberg and Conner Schwerdtfeger were thrown in against DC Movie News in the aftermath of The League’s formation. Seen as underdogs by many due to the familiarity fans had with DC lynchpin Mike Kalinowski, Cinemablend led by the end of round one and were only beaten by a score that – at  the time – equalled the record for a three-round team match. Though that record has since been surpassed, it must not be forgotten what it took to beat Eisenberg and Schwedtfeger.

Though their debut will most likely be remembered for Eisenberg’s visit to the Ant-Man set alongside the Commissioner almost creating a rift between the Schmoes, their performances suggested that they have what it takes to live with the very best. Eisenberg was touted before the match as a potential “new Drew McWeeny” by the Commissioner, and though he ultimately failed to live up to that potential on debut, there was enough knowledge shown to suggest they can more than just get by moving forward.

In fact it was Schwedtfeger who pulled out some of the most impressive answers of the match, and if both players can avoid handing out the steal opportunities in round two that ultimately denied them against DC, then the chance of finding a path towards the belts is certainly within their grasp.

Like many teams within the league, comic book movies are their main strength, but they displayed a wider knowledge away from the realms of Marvel and DC in their opening bout. Though their performance may not have been the most memorable, it does not make it any less impressive. Cinemablend are the real deal – they’re just yet to reach their full potential within the Schmoedown.

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