TEAM PROFILE: Late to the Party

TEAM NAME: Late to the Party

COMPETITORS: Robert Montano & Vanessa Fitzsimmons



FORM (Most recent first)L

By Louis Baxter

In other sporting leagues, the line between fans and competitors is so densely drawn that your favourite players may as well exist in another dimension. But, as Late to the Party have proven, the Schmoedown is no normal sport.

Late to the PartyIf you react to enough episodes or write enough blogs or compile enough stats, you may well one day find yourself stepping up to the plate to face your favourite competitors. We know this because this is the exact trail Late to the Party have blazed. They have gone from reacting and playing along to Schmoedown matches on their own YouTube channel to competing in the game itself for real. The fourth wall that separated fan from competitor has officially been smashed.

Late to the Party are much more than a metaphor for the Schmoedown’s social mobility, however, and although their debut match ended in defeat, fans should not let this deceive them that they are anything but an incredibly strong team. Had Team Action not spun their favoured category of ‘Action Adventure’ in round two, the fans-turned-competitors would likely have walked away with a well-deserved victory. In the end, it required a record points haul for a three-round team match to beat them.

Between them Roberto Montano and Vanessa Fitzsimmons notched up 14 points in their opening round, with the former sealing a perfect round before going onto to become one of the few competitors to take the opportunity of an extra point in the way of the bonus question. Though classics and westerns proved their undoing in later rounds, a superb all-round knowledge of Pixar, sci-fi and fantasy movies makes them a well-rounded team for the questions the Schmoedown tends to throw up. Montano has even hinted at making a play for the Star Wars belt at some stage, though for now teams remains his sole focus.

Unsurprisingly LTTP are well supported given their connection to the fans, but having already put in performances to match their huge supporter base, do not be surprised if they one day go from the couch to the titles.

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