TEAM PROFILE: Wolves of Steel

TEAM NAME: Wolves of Steel

COMPETITORS: Mark “Yodi” Reilly & “Classy” Clarke Wolfe



FORM (Most recent first)LWWWL

By Louis Baxter

When the Commissioner devised “The Decision” back in 2016, he must surely have thought he had put together a team others in the Schmoedown would come to fear. A team who were seemingly unbeatable and would create a dynasty that would go down in movie trivia folklore. Bringing together two of the league’s great characters to produce a team for the ages. And though he did exactly that, the fact that team is not the Wolves of Steel is a shock to many to this day.

Teaming the then singles champion, Mark Reilly, up with the clear favourite for Rookie of the Year, Clarke Wolfe, seemed a match made in Schmoedown heaven. Two iconic faces of the league with the skills to boot, it seemed only a matter of time before they would have the belts adorning their mantelpieces.

Wolves of SteelFast-forward 15 months, however, and the Wolves of Steel are potentially facing up to their final assault on the titles before going their separate ways. “Yodi’s” decision to step back from competition means a future for the team should they fail to win the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament is unlikely, and as such they will be looking to put right the wrongs of their previous outings together.

An opening match loss against Heroes and a narrow, decidedly inglorious win over the Reel Rejects – which was largely dependent on their opponents committing a noble suicide by allowing them spinner’s choice when they span the opposite – saw them sitting at 1-1 while the Patriots collected the belts in the December of 2016, seemingly having absorbed the mantle of invincibility that so many thought would have been held by the WoS.

There form did pick up in 2017, with wins over Six Degrees and ETC setting up a title match against the Patriots. Though it did not ultimately go their way in the end, the league was at least put on notice that the Wolves of Steel were back in business, and with their choreographed entrances rivalling the best in the business, their fandom only continued to grow.

With 18 wins between them in the history of singles and team competition, they are – along with the Schmoes – the most experienced team currently on the circuit, and whether they can ride a laissez-faire attitude all the way to the belts remains to be seen. Though Wolfe will never admit that the decision she made on that fateful day was a bad one, history may yet not look too kindly on the Wolves of Steel if they fail to eventually pick up the title.

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