TEAM NAME: Deep Cuts

COMPETITORS: Thadd Williams & Aaron Wilhelm



FORM (Most recent first)LW

By Cameron Hass

The vast majority of Schmoedown competitors enter the ring with their personalities well-established to most movie fans. Either critics, movie pundits, writers, podcast and YouTube hosts have all taken the movie trivia challenge at one time or another. Though Deep Cuts do not fall into any of these categories, that does not mean they are not worthy of their place on the Schmoedown stage.

Deep CutsUnsurprisingly, fans did not know what to expect when Williams and Wilhelm stepped out from behind the camera to take on the Night Sisters. Even the Commissioner claimed he was unsure as to what kind of performance he would get from the pair. But after emerging in personalised baseball uniforms and racking up 18 points in the first two rounds to secure a TKO victory on debut legitimised their presence within the league.

The Schmoedown is a cruel mistress, however, and having been thrust into a qualifier for the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament against IGN, they again put in a strong showing by picking up 17 points in their opening two points.

Unfortunately for them, Jim Vejvoda and Eric Goldman were back on form following their own defeat to Rotten Tomatoes, and as such Deep Cuts saw their winning start to life in the ring come to an end. Though they earned a reprieve to enter the tournament, those backing them to challenge for the belt anytime soon are far fewer than the majority of the other teams within the league.

In terms of strengths, we are yet to see either Williams or Wilhelm overly excel in any particular category, though that does bode well given their performances thus far. The former has been outed as a Star Trek nut, but with that only having its own category within the Innergeekdom division it may not come to fruition.

That said, as pointed out by Brian Davids of Schmoedown Rundown fame on countless occasions, Deep Cuts have the privilege of being able to watch every single Schmoedown match in massive detail, and as such have the opportunity to learn as much movie trivia as possible placed right in their lap. Whether having that will allow them to one day hold the belts, however, remains to be seen.

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