TEAM NAME: Six Degrees

COMPETITORS: “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler & “Sassy” Stacy Howard



FORM (Most recent first)WLLW

By Louis Baxter

Schmoedown teams can be defined by a number of different aspects of the game. Some are known for their smack talk while others secure fans because they simply get down to the business of answering questions. For Six Degrees, their evolution from the lovable new all-female team to some of the biggest heels to have played the game is how they will always be remembered. Factor in that their performances have improved immeasurably since their debut in 2016 and it is easy to see why they have the following that they do.

Six DegreesHaving laid down a marker with victory over the Wangers in their debut match, Six Degrees were quickly written off as also-rans after defeats to Team Trek and Wolves of Steel. Though they were making an impact with their elaborate entrances, results were not going their way, but it is easy to forget that both their opponents were on paths towards title matches. As a wise man once said, context is everything, and when fans look at the improvements made since those matches it is clear that Chandler and Howard should not have been written off in the opening few weeks of their Schmoedown journeys.

Forcing Tuff Beats into retirement may not seem a huge deal when Schmoedown historians peruse the records in years to come, but again context is clear. In racking up 24 points in just two rounds they put the rest of the league back on notice. Under the pressure of potentially being broken up themselves, the duo responded in the most impressive manner imaginable.

With both competitors also coming out victorious in their singles debut matches, their improvement has been legitimised. Howard missed just two questions in her victory over Jonathan Voytko, and though “Miss Movies” slipped to defeat to Mike Kalinowski, their futures are certainly bright in both team and singles play.

After the league’s most fearsome mouthpiece, Jay Washington, moved into Six Degrees’s corner, their faction expanding and with them starting to put in game performances together that are beginning to match the high standards of their general pageantry and kayfabe abilities, Chandler and Howard are a team that are as threatening as they are entertaining. A heel team that is always evolving.

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