The Schmoedown stars who deserve better records

With the Schmoedown still in its relative infancy, just one victory can mean everything when it comes to the rankings. Until recently, winning your debut team match would catapult a competitor straight into the top ten while the lack of Innergeekdom matches means there are players within the listed rankings who are still to even register a win.

That said, the records of the majority of the competitors within the three main divisions do give an accurate representation of their skills. Those at the top of each rankings list are, for the most part, the best players the movie trivia game has seen while those languishing away with negative records are usually deserving of such poor returns.

But for some their records do not reflect just how good they could be. Whether its coming up against strong opponents early in their careers or just not getting the luck when trying to close out a prospective victory, there are certain players who have more potential than their results suggest.

With that in mind, here are the Schmoedown competitors who are better than their records claim…


When a Schmoedown expert such as ‘Schmoedown Rundown’ host Aaron Turner backs you to reach the finals of the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament, then you know you have the potential to be a good team. So why are they yet to win a match and, if history is anything to go by, potentially facing up to being forced to break-up before they have even got going?

CinemaBlendIn their two matches to date, Eric Eisenberg and Conner Schwerdtfeger have racked up 51 points yet failed to taste victory on either occasion. To put that in perspective, the Nerd’s Watch scored 45 points in their opening two matches (albeit in one fewer round) but picked up two wins and earned themselves a No.1 contender’s match in the process.

DC Movie News needed to equal the then points record for a three-round match to take out Cinemablend on their debut before an unbelievable performance from Scott Mantz ensured Team Trek advanced from the first round of the tournament.

Given DC have since gone onto knockout Six Degrees and broken the record for the most points in their opening five rounds of team play (56) while Team Trek were not too long ago playing in a title match, it seems Cinemablend have been rather unfortunate when it comes to their opponents thus far.

There is certainly potential there, and with their record as it is it will be interesting to see whether the Commissioner hands them a slightly easier assignment next time out in a bid to get them moving up the rankings.


In normal circumstances, an overall question accuracy record of 70 per cent would mean a player has picked up at least one win along the way. Unfortunately for Scarpino, that is not the case.

ScarpinoDefeats to Marc Bernardin and Rachel Cushing have left him in the lower reaches of the overall rankings, but he has shown in both matches that he certainly has a wide-ranging movie knowledge as well as a Josh Macuga-esque knack of making educated guesses that have helped contribute to his impressive points total.

Both “The Magic Man” and “The Crusher” have been touted as potential future candidates to challenge for the belt, and as such it would be unfair to write “The Producer/Seducer” off right away.

Though there are no easy matches within the Schmoedown, another player with a disappointing record – such as Hal Rudnick, RB3 or John Humphrey – might offer him a better chance of finally getting the win he probably deserves.


Though sitting with positive records in both singles and in teams, it is perhaps within the Innergeekdom division that Kalinowski has the most chance of challenging for the belt in the immediate future. That path, though, now looks a long one given his start to life within the league.

KalinowskiHaving dominated his opening fatal five-way, his infamous ‘Puddin’ slip allowed Coy Jandreau to steal in and snatch victory in the final round. As luck would have it, had “The Killer” sealed the win his performance deserved then he would have secured himself a berth in the upcoming No.1 contender’s four-way. Instead he was thrown into a qualifier against Rachel Cushing – a match no one in the Innergeekdom division really wants.

Despite falling behind early on, Kalinowski hung on gamely before finally succumbing to the dreaded ‘Scores and Soundtracks’ category that has also killed off the hopes of Jeremy Jahns and Robert Meyer Burnett in recent months. Though his all-round knowledge is perhaps not quite at the same level as Cushing or Hector Navarro, his love of James Bond does at least mean he has an extra category of strength on top of comic book movies.

Given his record a match against Burnett or the loser of Jason Inman’s clash with Emma Fyffe is probably next on his agenda, and with the division beginning to grow he could need three successive wins to get himself into the title conversation. Though some fans would argue his overall play warrants an easier route, “The Killer’s” losses mean he will now have to bide his time and prove himself to be the competitor many feel he already is.


At the time of writing, Bibbiani is very much secured within the top ten singles rankings and a real contender to take the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament by storm once it gets under way in a few weeks time. And yet most fans will agree that his current record does not reflect just how strong he has been since his debut match shortly before the end of 2016.

BibbianiAdmittedly it is difficult to improve on breaking the three-round points record on debut, but “The Beast’s” relative fall from grace since was just the start of a series of competitors failing to live up to the hype created by their first appearances.

Defeat via TKO to JTE remains one of the biggest shocks in Schmoedown history, and though he took care of Eliot Dewberry, his subsequent loss to Kristian Harloff despite answering 13 of his opening 14 questions correctly again proved that he can be beaten if the categories fall your way.

A win over Scott Mantz has since ensured he again has an overall positive record, but given his debut and performances as a whole it would be expected that he would be far further along the road to getting the belt he so desires.

The fact that Critically Acclaimed have made a similar start to life in teams has led some to claim “The Beast” is actually overrated, but his displays thus far suggest he is a champion in waiting. Whether he can fulfill that potential is another thing entirely.

Are there any other competitors whose records do not reflect their true Schmoedown skills? Have your say in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Schmoedown stars who deserve better records

  1. I’d put Matt Atchity’s singles career in there. Although it’s only one loss so far (and to the awesome Tim the Tank), getting TKO’d doesn’t reflect the Kahuna’s overall skill.

    Scarpino is just as underrated as he is unlucky. If he isn’t Macuga’s teammate (my prediction is Ellis), I’d want to see The Producer/ Seducer team up with Jim Vejvoda. They might balance each other out.


  2. You can also add the now-defunct Superhero News (0-2). Hector Navarro and Adam Hlavac were dominant in the first two rounds for the matches they played, only to lose at the very end on both a “Judgment Night” question and James Bond.


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