The Schmoedown stars who could team up in 2018

With the Ultimate Schmoedown team tournament entering its second week, this is the period where fans will get their first views of some highly anticipated teams. Whether it is s a new iteration of an old team in the shape of Heroes, the bringing together of two powerhouses in the shapes of Drew McWeeny and Samm Levine or the mystery surrounding Josh Macuga’s new partner – the intrigue created by extending the tournament is to be applauded.

And while it will be fun to watch these new teams begin their Schmoedown careers and potentially start on the path towards a shot at the title, it does beg the question – who will we see team up next?

While we know the likes of the Maltin Falcons and Cinemasins are set to enter the league in the months to come, in terms of current Schmoedown personalities there are still a few key figures who are technically free agents when it comes to teams. So who could they team up with? Time for a bit of wild speculation…


I can hear the groans already, and it’s worth saying that this writer is not one of those who endlessly ships two of Collider’s biggest personalities together. But that said, having them compete together within the Schmoedown would certainly be a nice wink from the Commissioner towards the audience who do.

PeremyNemiroff & Jahns certainly seem to have good on-screen chemistry when appearing together on Movie Talk, and though they do not necessarily scream ‘future Schmoedown champions’ given their performances in the ring thus far, there is potential there for them to make waves within the league.

“The Joker” has shown with his Innergeekdom performances that he can live with some of the best competitors the Schmoedown has to offer. Not many competitors over the next few years will be able to say they beat both Robert Meyer Burnett and Rachel Cushing with their Innergeekdom knowledge, and he certainly is not one to shirk under the lights.

If anything Jahns’s main weakness was not having someone to tell him to take his time with certain questions, and that’s where “Scary Perri” comes in. Nemiroff failed to do herself justice either in her singles debut nor as part of Tuff Beats, but given her popularity among Collider fans it would be foolhardy not to have her remain as a competitor, and acting as a support for Jahns in some of his weaker areas would certainly suit her skill set.

On the same train of thought, the Commissioner recently revealed that he would have loved to be able to say that Jahns was one of his champion competitors given his rising stock among the world of movie critics, and as such it would not surprise this writer if “The Joker” was being cajoled to return to the ring sooner rather than later after taking a break in the aftermath of the Collider Collision.

Filming of ‘Awesometacular’ and other Collider projects could mean they do not compete as regularly as other teams, but given how many films they have and still do watch, Team Peremy would certainly, in theory, have what it takes to challenge some of the more established teams.


This writer is in no doubt that this has already been suggested by the Commissioner on multiple occasions, but for fans to get more of the current singles champion in their Schmoedown lives would only be a good thing.

Screen JunkiesUnfortunately for the Commissioner, both Signore and Murrell are both massively busy men while the location of the Screen Junkies studio in relation of that of Collider means travelling between the two on a regular basis is not particularly easy. With all that in mind, though, seeing the two main spearheads of one of if not the biggest movie channel on YouTube compete on a more regular basis could, in theory, be done.

While the team league is restricted to just one match per week for the majority of the year, in reality the pair would only really need to compete 2-3 times a year unless they opt to enter the tournament, and though they lost out to Team Collider in the shape of Kristian Harloff and John Rocha earlier in 2017, any team with Murrell at the helm can be considered title contenders.

Now, of course, there is the small chance that we might be about to see “Dangerous Dan” enter the team league anyway with rumours suggesting he could, in fact, be Macuga’s mystery team-mate despite “The Wildman” dismissing such a notion earlier this month.

For what it’s worth I tend to believe Macuga even if we as an audience have been duped by those within the Schmoedown before, with there having been no hints or previous connections between the pair that would see them compete together, and as such Team Screen Junkies should still be a possibility heading into 2018.

(NB: If you want to see who I think the options for Macuga’s new team-mate are, click here!)


“Wait Tom – you said this article was about free agents moving into the team league, but Clarke Wolfe is already in the Wolves of Steel?! This makes no sense!”

I hear you italicised font designed to transfer the thoughts of the loyal blog readers to the page, but just hear me out…

Wolfe and Mark Reilly have stated that the ongoing tournament will be their final run at the belts, and should they fail it is easy to imagine them going their separate ways, at least for the time being. “Yodi” insists he is taking an indefinite break from competition, and it is difficult to see him going back on his word in either singles or teams so quickly even after his slight U-turn for the tournament.

Wolfe & YoungAs such, Wolfe would be a free agent once again. This led many, including this writer, to suggest she join the Missfits, but as seen during the recent GLOWDown that does not seem to be the direction the story is going (though I’m still not ruling out a twist!). And it is during the GLOWDown where we might have discovered a potential partner for the classiest competitor the Schmoedown has ever seen.

Britney Young stole the show as the cast of the hit Netflix series put their movie trivia knowledge to the test, with fans clamouring for her to join the league on a permanent basis in the aftermath of her impressive performance.

She seemed to have an immediate chemistry with Wolfe, and having her compete alongside a veteran of the league would be a clear way to ease her into competition. Obviously there are issues with filming schedules and whether Young will be either willing or available to play on a regular basis, but she certainly has the knowledge to worry other competitors.

So, now you’ve been convinced, would you not want to see the ‘Classy Ladies of Schmoedown’ (or CLOS) enter the league? Admittedly the name needs some work, but there are few better ways to bring the show to a wider audience without hurting its credibility.

Are there any potential team-ups you want to see happen in the future of the Schmoedown? Have your say in the comments below!

One thought on “The Schmoedown stars who could team up in 2018

  1. I know this is an unbelievable stretch and a completely impossible scenario, but Dan Murrell and Chris Stuckmann would’ve been unstoppable. This is my dream, but there are no chances of Chris moving to LA or commuting for Schmoedown. That said, I think that Dan should be in team league, he just needs a good partner, Signore doesn’t care and has no time for Schmoedown. Maybe Jahns is an option, or Clarke Wolfe


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