Could Cushing crush Nerd’s Watch’s dreams & join the MissFits?!

With the Four Horsemen now split and having gone their separate ways, the Schmoedown needed a new major faction storyline to act as an undercurrent for the second half of 2017. Step forward the MissFits and their pursuit of new members.

Jay Washington’s arrival as a management figure for Six Degrees has helped transform Brianne Chandler and Stacy Howard into two of the league’s best heels, and “The Urban Gladiator’s” ongoing feud with Tom Dagnino and “The Kitten Club” has at least ensured the Schmoedown’s premier faction have worthy competitors now the Horsemen – at least for the time being – are no more.

Six DegreesBut for the MissFits to truly challenge the Lion’s Den and build a faction that is able to challenge for all three belts, they require more than just Six Degrees despite their improvements over 2017 (defeat to DC Movie News apart). Given Washington’s insistence that his faction will unite the best female competitors under one roof, it is unsurprising that he has set his sights on Clarke Wolfe and Rachel Cushing.

Rejection from the former will certainly have stung, and it now seems that the push from the MissFits is to snare “The Crusher” before the year is out. And whether you like it or not, the likelihood is that we are about to see Cushing change her affiliation.

Stepping back for a second, the Schmoedown can only continue to grow if it entertains and shocks its audience in equal measure. People come back to shows such as Game of Thrones largely because of its unpredictability, and though the winners of each match cannot be determined within the Schmoedown, the Commissioner and his team can still wrong-foot their audience via the background storylines. This partly explains my belief that, whether you like it or not, Dagnino will end up as Commissioner himself for a short period at some stage, perhaps in the not too distant future.

With that in mind, it would certainly be a shock and as such a good move to have Cushing leave team-mate Ken Napzok and the Nerd’s Watch to join a heel faction. Other than showing her distaste at the inclusion of the now infamous James Bond category into Innergeekdom, “The Crusher” has shown few signs of turning heel since her arrival on the Schmoedown scene.

But with Six Degrees having already shown their support with signs at Cushing’s recent victory over Mike Kalinowski and Washington having stepped in following the Nerd’s Watch’s defeat to Above the Line to make clear his admiration of the potential Rookie of the Year, it seems only a matter of time before this all comes to a head.

Though this writer likes to take the stand of interested observer rather than picking favourites, it would be a shame to see Nerd’s Watch bow out given the impact they have made in such a short period of time. They were one win from a title shot a matter of weeks ago, and to see them now with a 2-2 record and on the verge of being no more is a little disappointing.

Nerds WatchThat said, in a show where the competitors are, for the most part, playing exaggerated versions of themselves, hats off to “The Pitboss” for making myself and many others fans feel genuinely emotional in the aftermath of the Above the Line defeat. If the Nerd’s Watch are to end their journey, it would certainly allow Napzok to concentrate on growing the league from behind the scenes as well as both commentating on matches and presenting ‘Inside Schmoedown’, and that is no bad thing even if he has played a huge role in introducing a new star to the league.

In a previous article I offered a potential solution to this whole debate, with Cushing answering the MissFits’s call with the offer of a trial by Schmoedown in which, should the Nerds’ Watch lose to Six Degrees, she would agree to join them and end her original team’s run. However, given the decision of Wolfe to remain independent ahead of the recent GlowDown, risking the MissFits missing out on another high-profile target is not something the Commissioner can really afford if he is in fact pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Nerd's Watch JayThere should be plenty of opportunties for the MissFits to make their move before 2017 is out. Cushing will be going up against Washington in the upcoming Innergeekdom No.1 contender fatal four-way while she will also be competing within the Ultimate Schmoedown singles tournament, with her first round match up against Lion’s Den member, Marc Andreyko.

A decision to join the MissFits would make sense in either of these environments, though should she win the aforementioned No.1 contender match then having her switch sides at Spectacular in the aftermath of her title match against Hector Navarro would ensure the drama was seen by the largest possible audience. Either way, this writer would be shocked if “The Crusher” did not begin the 2018 season as Washington’s latest recruit.

And – if my predictions are correct – then I do not believe she will be the only one.

WolfeDespite “Classy Clarke’s” insistence that she has no interest in joining the MissFits or any other faction even if the Wolves of Steel split after the current tournament, her upcoming match against “Miss Movies” provides the perfect platform for the audience to be lulled into a false sense of security, only for the mat to be swept up from under their feet.

If the MissFits are truly going to work as an all-female faction to challenge the more established Schmoedown groups, then they need the league’s premier female competitor to spearhead them. Wolfe is just that, and as detailed in a previous article, she would fit seamlessly into their camp.

The match against Chandler is sure to bring the whole issue to a head, and if Cushing has indeed made the move herself by this point, then Wolfe being persuaded by another competitor, who – like her – was previously regarded as a face, to make the jump would work from a storytelling point of view.

Hell, they could even form a team down the line much like we have seen with Andreyko and Robert Meyer Burnett for the current tournament. One of the “The Crusher’s” main selling points is her value as a triple threat competitor while getting “Classy Clarke” the belt she deserves is what is driving Mark Reilly’s return to the ring. Though Six Degrees would, for now, be the premier team within the MissFits, should their recruitment drive go to plan it would not be a surprise to see “The Urban Gladiator” field two teams when the tournament comes around in 2018.

For now, though, it remains a mystery as to what form the MissFits will take by the time the new year rolls in. We could still have the Nerd’s Watch, Six Degrees and Clarke Wolfe competing independently, or we could have some if not all under one Jay Washington-shaped umbrella. This writer knows which he wants to see – do you?!

Would you like to see Rachel Cushing and/or Clarke Wolfe join the MissFits? Have your say in the comments below!

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