Ultimate Schmoedown team tournament: Round Two Highlights

By Jared Prestwidge

We’re well past the halfway point now, Schmoedown fans! Just three weeks ago there were sixteen pairs vying for the spot at Spectacular, and now we are down to just four.

While there was a surprising amount of TKO’s on display, the matches this week were still hotly contested and gave us a lot to talk about.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best of the best in Round Two of the Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament…


So, I’ve had a couple days to fully process what I witnessed, and uh… I’m impressed! Adam Gertler – dressed as Harley Quinn or the Joker? – coming out to ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler will likely go down as one of the most unexpected things in the history of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

DC EntranceEven Kristian Harloff and Ken Napzok at the commentary desk could barely find the words to describe what they were seeing, all they could do was watch. It was art, ladies and gentlemen, pure unadulterated art.


Now before the Action Army comes at me, Action defeating Trek isn’t the upset – both are strong teams, and are worthy to have made it this far – but few expected such a one-sided contest given how well matched the two teams seemed beforehand.

Action WinnersBen Bateman and Andrew Ghai were on absolute fire, scoring 13 points in the first round with nine in the second and a one-point steal to snap up a TKO against the former No. 1 contenders.

Action are no joke, and they will continue to trouble the top of the rankings until they win the belts they so yearn.

BEST MOMENT: Top 10 Shatter the Points Scoring Record

After the dismantling they suffered at the hands of the Patriots on July 4th, many began to question Top 10’s place in the league. Can John Rocha and Matt Knost hang with the new powerhouse teams coming out of the woodwork? Maybe they were past their prime. We needn’t have worried.

Top 10The two remaining members of the Four Horseman went up against worthy competition in Blofeld’s Cat, with Rocha leading the way with Knost providing ample support. They traded questions in Round Two amassing 11 points in ‘Sports Movies’.

Both did simply what they needed to do in Round Three, each hitting their respective questions to earn a record-breaking 34 points total. In celebrating the win, we caught a glimpse of “The Outlaw” of old, who stared right in the camera and asked: “Who’s next?”.


This year’s tournament has seen a true breakout star in Ben Bateman. This week in particular, he excelled in not just movie trivia, but in mental warfare and theatricality. I’m willing to state that these three things working in tandem sealed Team Trek’s fate.

ActionYou could tell his Scott Mantz impression shook “The Mantz Man” up, leaving Bateman to get down to business. He yet again scored seven points in Round One and – despite Andrew Ghai’s claims that they worked through Round Two more or less equally – Bateman was the guy taking charge by thinking it through and answering the questions.

The guy can most certainly bark, but the rest of the league need to watch out for his bite.


Holy Clarke! Holy Mark! It’s easy to say that you want the belts, but actually following through is another thing entirely. With a TKO in the first round, and now a KO against bracket darlings Late to the Party, Wolves of Steel are tracking their final run in buckets of blood.

Wolves of SteelSeven points in the first round for Clarke, and nine for Reilly. Eleven points in the second with a two-point steal ending with 29 total!? This is a record that we may not see broken for a long while.

It’s just a shame that Wolves of Steel and Above the Line are on the same side of the bracket, because a match between the two best performing teams in the tournament only belongs in the final. Alas, there can be only one.

#WhoYaGot for the semi-finals?! Here’s my predictions:

Top 10 TO DEFEAT Action

Above the Line TO DEFEAT Wolves of Steel

Are your brackets still intact? What did you make of the second round of the tournament, and who is heading for the final? Have your say in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Schmoedown team tournament: Round Two Highlights

  1. Adam Gertler surprised me in more than just the entrance. Everyone’s going to respect him more after that match!

    I can’t believe 3 of the 4 matches ended in TKO or KO since this is round 2. This might prove how good Andreyko is since he pushed Top 10 to the limit. Honestly, the performances here really get me amped up for the singles tournament!


  2. This is the first time I have been following the Schmoedown team tournament. Really enjoying it. Come to it via the Top 10 show so they are my team. All teams performing well!


    1. I specifically said that Action simply beating Trek wasn’t an upset. The ass kicking they gave them was. The majority of us were expecting a close match


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