What should the Ultimate Schmoedown losers do next? (Teams: Round Two)

Another week in the world of Schmoedown passes, another four teams set by the wayside in terms of the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament.

While our quartet of semi-finalists begin to dream of potentially toppling the Patriots at Spectacular, their downed opponents must pick themselves up from the gutter, dust themselves off and begin preparing for their next bouts, whether they come before the end of the year or in 2018.

But who should they be playing next, and almost more importantly, who should the Commissioner hold off on pitting together for the time being? Let’s dive into some Schmoedown speculation shall we?!


Though they exit the tournament with a negative overall record, it is fair to say that any Late to the Party doubters were put in their place by the first fan team to enter the ring.

A knockout defeat to Wolves of Steel should not overshadow their achievement in knocking out Critically Acclaimed in the first round. Bibbiani and Seibold were overwhelming favourites to take the tournament by storm among the Schmoedown community, and their defeat will rank as one of the most shocking moments of 2017, if not Schmoedown history.

Late to the PartyAnd so what next for LTTP? Though their one victory thus far was certainly an impressive one, they probably need another win under their belt before taking on one of the ranked teams.

In terms of rankings, they currently have an identical record to Deep Cuts, and as such a face-off between fans and the editors could be on the cards. However, and trying to put this as kindly as possible, it would not surprise me to see the Commissioner to capitalise on LTTP’s fanbase and give them a more headline-grabbing bout.

For this writer, a bout with Six Degrees would certainly fit the bill. Both teams have negative records and are coming off knockout defeats, and as such are in need of a victory to get their progress towards possible belts back on track.

Though last week I made the suggestion of Six Degrees meeting Nerd’s Watch in a potential ‘Trial by Movie Trivia’ to decide the future of Rachel Cushing, seeing Chandler and Howard face off against LTTP and watching how the reactors-turned-competitors deal with Jay Washington’s jibes would be my preferred option. Whether the Commissioner agrees, however, is a different matter.

TREK (4-3)

Trek are a funny team. One controversial call away from holding the belts, this writer cannot help thinking that they are now on a downward trend, and though they can hold their own with the best teams, it seems their best chance of becoming champions has already gone.

That said, Scott Mantz’s recent performances have suggested that he still has plenty to offer the Schmoedown apart from high-pitched shouting, and as such Trek should be given one last chance to test themselves against ranked opposition.

TrekWith that in mind there are two clear options for this writer in terms of their next opponents – Heroes OR the team formerly known as IGN.

Though all three have slightly different records they are placed in a nice group towards the bottom of the top ten rankings, and as such it would be nice to see at least two of them face off early in 2018.

Last week I theorised that Heroes would be the best team for ex-IGN to take on next, but Trek would be equally suitable as adversaries. Fans are expecting Vejvoda and Goldman to begin a real march towards the belts when they make their return to the ring, and putting a former No.1 contender in the shape of Trek in their way would certainly make for an intriguing and well-matched encounter.


Another team with a narrowly positive record who could fit into that Heroes-IGN-Trek trivia triangle are DC Movie News. Two impressive showings were followed by a TKO defeat to Above the Line, and as such Kalinowski and Gertler must start again as the former looks to continue his way towards becoming a triple-threat contender.

DC Movie NewsIn terms of their next competitors, they have a number of options, most of which were detailed under Trek’s header. But it seems their likeliest next opponents should they lose next week are Team Action, and this writer would be disappointed were that to come to pass so soon.

Action’s performances within the tournament have established them as genuine superstars of the league, and even if they lose to Top 10 there is a far more obvious opponent for them to face based on their peformances (I won’t spoil it as it will likely form the basis of an article later this week if they do in fact get knocked out).

DC, in this writer’s opinion, need at least one more win to be worthy of a match against Action. Though it is understandable that the Commissioner would want a match between the two given the potential for a storyline based around off-screen couple Ben Bateman and Roxy Striar, this follows the same logic as potentially pairing off Bibbiani and Rocha before it’s been justified by their results.

The Schmoedown generally gets this right, but there is a danger that in both circumstances mentioned that they could show their cards too soon when a more drawn out build-up to an anticipated grudge match would be more suitable. I am in no doubt that we will see DC Movie News vs Team Action somewhere along the line – just do not make it either of their next matches once the tournament is done… please.


And now to what should be the easiest match the Commissioner has to book for early 2018 should schedules allow, and yet there is certainly a little doubt as to whether it will actually take place.

As the only two teams with a 1-1 record and with the former Horsemen connection between Bibbiani and Burnett, a match between Blofeld’s Cat and Critically Acclaimed should be one of those matches that is firmly towards the top of the Commissioner’s list for early 2018.

Blofeld's CatHowever, with Burnett struggling to live up to the good (?) name of the Lion’s Den since his move from the Four Horsemen placing some doubt on his suitability for the Schmoedown’s premier faction, it remains to be seen how long manager Tom Dagnino’s patience lasts with “The Captain”.

Factor in the fact that Critically Acclaimed are, somewhat frustratingly, being pushed towards a match against Top 10 without having really proven themselves yet and though it seems obvious, it would not be a surprise if Blofeld’s Cat vs Critically Acclaimed does not come to pass.

What do you think the Round Two losers should do next? Have your say in the comments below!

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