Do Top 10 really deserve ANOTHER No.1 contender match?!

Hi there – Tom here. How you doing? Excellent.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw my two penneth in before you read Jared’s latest great article. I, like what seems like the majority fans, agree with the sentiment of the piece that Jared has written, and my thoughts can pretty much be summed up in this tweet.

That is not to say the decision will totally derail the Schmoedown or end my enjoyment of the show, but if we can’t be critical then there’s no point to giving our opinions. Anyway, you’re bored now, so I’ll shut up. Enjoy Jared’s piece, and thanks again for all your support!

By Jared Prestwidge

Well there we have it. Team Action and Above the Line have seen off all comers in the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament and are set to duke it out to earn their shot at the Patriots at Spectacular.

Speaking of Spectacular, we now also have the spot filled for the No. 1 contender match to take place at the end of year event. During his interview on Thursday’s ‘Inside Schmoedown’, the Commissioner revealed that the loser of Action/Above the Line will have their chance at redemption against… Top 10.

Now, it’s not my intention to offend or demean any Outlaw Nation fans, but I firmly believe that Top 10 SHOULD NOT have a place in this match.  I’m sure the original plan was to have the two semi-finalists face off, but a spanner was thrown in the works with Wolves of Steel now retired.

Top 10That being said, the tournament semi-final between Top 10 and Action now seems pretty redundant. If you think about it, both teams earned a No.1 contender’s match regardless of the outcome – the winner gets one against Above the Line, and the loser gets one at the Spectacular.

Matt Knost and especially John Rocha are famed veterans in this league who have made the Schmoedown what it is today, and no one can take that away from them. But if we want a thriving league, they need to take a step back when it comes to title contention if they continue to fall short.

Since last year’s Spectacular, “The Outlaw” has played in two No. 1 contender matches and five title matches – and that’s a lot, any way you slice it. You could argue that is this purely because Rocha is a fantastic player, and he is, but there is a myriad of other competitors with the same level of skill who will not get that over two years of regular play, never mind one.

Going back to the growth of the league, there is a wide gap in terms of records in the team division. We have the Patriots at 7-0, Top 10 at 7-4, Action at 5-1 and MODOK at 5-3. Compare this with the rest of the league with veterans Six Degrees who have a record of 2-3, IGN at 2-1 and Heroes at 3-2. There is a big gap here, and we need these great teams to have more opportunities to balance it all out.

And do not even get me started on how many matches you need in order to get back to the title picture. Top 10 were given their title shots against the Schmoes AND the Patriots after only one straight victory. Dan Murrell and Rocha getting a title match straight after losing the belt is also problematic, but that’s a topic for another article before this becomes too ranty!

Anyway, here is what I would propose as potential alternatives to Top 10 playing in a No.1 contender match at Spectacular…

Option 1

This might be too much for Outlaw Nation to swallow, but this option sees Top 10 not given a chance at the No. 1 contender match full stop, instead scheduling a match between IGN and DC Movie News for the spot. Sure, DC Movie News have just come off a loss, but in their first two matches they showed real power – and it’s not their fault they were pushed in front of the steaming freight train known as Above the Line.

DC Movie NewsThe team formerly known as IGN, meanwhile, will have two straight wins if they beat DC, which is more than enough to earn yourself a shot. And the people love Jim Vejvoda, and want to see him in the title picture sooner rather than later.


Option 2

Perhaps I was a little harsh, Top 10 did make it to the semi-finals after all, maybe they earned their shot. Okay then, beat IGN and we’ll talk. As stated earlier, with one more win IGN would have earned a shot anyway, and they have proven they can hold their own against anyone.

MODOKAnd if not that, maybe a rematch against MODOK can be on the cards for Top 10 if that doesn’t take your fancy? The first match between Top 10 and Rotten Tomatoes was one of the best matches of 2016, and you know Grae Drake and Matt Atchity are hungry after blowing it against the Patriots in sudden death. There’s no doubt in my mind that either of these matches would be absolute barn burners.

This article is not designed to insult anyone’s taste in who they follow or the Commissioner’s decision making – I have no doubt that the growth of the league is of the highest priority for him. Top 10 will always bring the heat to entertain us fans, and a match with them against Action or Above the Line will certainly be one to remember.

But with so many teams like IGN, DC Movie News, Blofeld’s Cat and Critically Acclaimed coming up the woodwork, please give this loyal fan a pardon for wanting something a little bit different.

What do you make of the decision to hand Top 10 an immediate No.1 contender match? Have your say in the comments below!

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