SINGLES PROFILE: Brianne Chandler

NAME: Brianne Chandler AKA Miss Movies

MEMBER OF: Six Degrees

FACTION: The MissFits


FORM (Most recent first)LW

By Christopher Rigby

The self-crowned queen bee of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, Brianne Chandler has set out to become the first woman to hold the Movie Trivia Championship.

One half of the Six Degrees, “Miss Movies” is known for her trademark supervillain entrances and notorious loud mouth. A continual thorn in the side of anyone she crosses path with, Chandler is the heel you love to hate.

ChandlerChandler was not always the sassy competitor we know today. Not so long ago “Miss Movies” was a loveable timid contestant, afraid of causing too much trouble. But after getting TKO’ed by Team Trek and securing a narrow victory over The Wangers, a fire was lit under Chandler that caused a serious change in attitude. No more pleasantries, no more sportsmanship, no more bulls**t.

Ditching the nice girl attitude, Chandler began to bare her teeth, at the Schmoedown’s most loved contestant, Perri Nemiroff. Earning a win over “Scary Perri”, she has continued with her badass attitude.

Picking fights wherever she could, Chandler has called out everyone from the Nerd’s Watch, Clarke Wolfe, Tom Dagnino and The Lion’s Den. Supported by her partner Stacey Howard and her manager Jay Washington, “Miss Movies” has created a long list of opponents that she one day hopes to dismiss. But Chandler’s loud mouth may have wrote some cheques that her she just cannot cash.

Biting off more than she could chew with Mike Kalinowski, Chandler’s record ahead of the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown leaves her outside the top ten of the rankings.

With a massive ego and an even bigger desire to sh** stir, Chandler is certainly one of the biggest personalities in the Schmoedown. Unfortunately talking doesn’t equal victories; if it did, Dagnino would be the undisputed champion.

Chandler has made a lot of enemies, and now like the brave lioness that she is, she plans to destroy every last one of them. Let’s see if she can pull it off.

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