NAME: Jeff “The InSneider” Sneider

MEMBER OF: Patriots

FACTION: Lion’s Den


FORM (Most recent first)LWWLW

By Jared Prestwidge

Eleven total wins from fourteen matches. The only competitor to defeat Drew McWeeny. Undefeated team champion. Jeff Sneider’s influence on the Schmoedown since its move to Collider is undeniable.

SneiderSneider made his debut in May 2016, and immediately put the league on notice by producing one of the most dominant performances in history. “The InSneider”’s knockout of Umberto Gonzalez has meant the latter hasn’t shown his face in the ring since. The MTS Facebook group still tells tales of the utter savagery that was on display that day…

Unfortunately for Sneider, he was next tasked with taking down an in-form Samm Levine, who denied him a place in the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. He bounced back, however, and earned his second win by TKO against Jason Inman.

Sneider is mostly known for his flawless record alongside partner JTE for the Patriots, but he has always been plagued by hot-and-cold performances when it comes to singles play. No better example of this was his match with the on-debut Chris Stuckmann. Whether you attribute it to a bad day or poor luck, Sneider’s plan to pounce on a rookie backfired big time. He crumbled under the deceptively broad ‘Coming of Age’ category, his hopes of developing a streak dashed once again.

Tasked to end the rampaging Josh Macuga’s constant victories over his Lion’s Den allies, Sneider demonstrated his wide berth of knowledge by running the table with ‘Denzel Washington Movies’. His performance was arguably his best yet, earning him 19 points without seeing his final question. This match was a turning point for his faction, with the return of the banished Tom Dagnino ushering in a year of dominance.

Dagnino proved to not only be JTE’s good luck charm, with him in Sneider’s corner during his highest profile singles match at the time. He shocked the Schmoedown community by whacking “The Godfather” Drew Mcweeny – his former boss by the way – earning a No. 1 contender’s match against Kristian Harloff at the Collider Collision.

His match with “The Commissioner” was an example of how much strategy can play into the Schmoedown. The game isn’t as simple as just answering trivia questions, as Sneider demonstrated by using all at his disposal to his advantage – including his manager, challenges and the ‘JTE rule’. Despite all this, no one was stopping Harloff on his swan song. Harloff took the win and the shot at the title that went with it.

Categories that Sneider knows, he knows well. If he comes across ‘New Releases’, ‘Tarantino’ or ‘Horror/Thriller’, it’ll be an open-and-shut case more often than not. As mentioned earlier, he is one of the most experienced competitors in the league, as well as having the most successful faction at his back. He isn’t without his weaknesses though, with ‘Disney Movies’ and ‘Star Wars’ being categories he does his best to avoid.

Jeff Sneider is a bonafide dangerous competitor. He’s got the charm, he’s got the support, and his knowledge is about as sharp as the cinnamint-flavoured toothpicks he carries around in his pocket.

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