NAME: “Classy” Clarke Wolfe

MEMBER OF: Wolves of Steel



FORM (Most recent first)WLWLL

By Sarah Hussain

When it comes to impactful Schmoedown debuts, nobody fits that description more than Clarke Wolfe.

“The Classy One” made her entrance in 2016 against fan-favourite Josh Macuga and blew everyone away when she scored a near-perfect game. But it was what followed that made her a legend.

WolfeIn the historic event known as ‘The Decision’, it was revealed that both JTE and Mark Reilly had been so impressed with Wolfe’s debut that they had each reached out and asked her to be their respective team partner. While Wolfe ended up accepting “Yodi’s” offer, leaving JTE to join forces with Jeff Sneider and form the undefeated Patriots (irony at its finest, folks), it was her singles career that primarily began to take off.

After following up her first match with a close win against Finstock (remember when he not only existed in the league, but was also a ranked contender?) and a victory over Samm Levine, Wolfe had earned herself a title shot against newly crowned champion, Dan Murrell. And if that sounds incredibly quick to you, it’s because it was.

Now to be fair, Wolfe had earned three wins in a row against highly ranked competitors, and Murrell hadn’t been in the singles league very long before his title match either. But even the “Classy One” herself would agree that she wasn’t ready for that match, with her uncharacteristically low-scoring second round and her inexperience in the speed round leading to defeat.

That being said, despite the loss via TKO, nobody was ready to count out Wolfe yet, including this writer, as she was declared Rookie of the Year later in the December. The season came to an end for Wolfe, however, after her surprisingly defeat against Macuga in the first round of the Ultimate Schmoedown – a loss that the Commissioner has said would have gone in Wolfe’s favour had the current question format been in place back then.

The end of 2016 sparked a fire in Wolfe, as she came back with a vengeance in both teams and singles, earning her second title shot alongside Mark Reilly against the Patriots, which unfortunately ended in a loss (once again, oh the irony). The loss was brightened with a singles win against JTE, but quickly followed by a loss against “Yodi “for a chance at the singles belt.

Wolfe did shoot up the rankings after taking on two-time Ultimate Schmoedown winner Mark Ellis, thus earning her spot as the #2 seed in the Ultimate Schmoedown. Follow that up with her celebrity Glowdown match against Team Missfits and three incredible team matches, and you’ve got a very high-spirited Clarke Wolfe entering the singles tournament.

The Ultimate Schmoedown gives the Classy One her last chance to earn that belt that she has been clamoring to get all year. While the Wolves of Steel achieved their potential too late in the game, Wolfe can still take all that momentum and all that drive and channel it towards her run in the tournament. This was the same point last year where Wolfe’s season ended, but if she can perform at the consistent level she’s been reaching in round one and get one of her solid categories in round two, she has the chance at making it very far.

No doubt, Wofle’s biggest hurdle throughout her Schmoedown career, aside from her own nerves, has been her rivalry with the wheel. However, it does look like the two of them have reached a truce, and with strengths like Sandra Bullock, classics, and horror, she’s bound to land on something that falls within her expertise.

No matter what happens, the league will always owe a lot to “The Classy One”. As one of the six competitors to compete for multiple titles, and the only woman to do it, it would be incredible to watch her be crowned the first female champion by the end of the year. But even if she does meet her end at some point in the tournament, she has a winning record and legacy that has established her as a Schmoedown great. She took the baton that Grae Drake handed her and ran with it, inspiring not only female competitors like Rachel Cushing and Brianne Chandler, but fans of the Schmoedown as well. Here’s hoping she runs all the way to a title shot.

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