NAME: Josh “The Wildman” Macuga

MEMBER OF: The Wildberries



FORM (Most recent first)LWLLW

By Christopher Rigby

Pittsburgh born and Pittsburgh bred, there is only room in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown for one party animal, and that seat is reserved for one man and one man only. Josh “The Wildman” Macuga.

MacugaA veteran of in both singles and team competition, “The Wildman” is used to the high pressure and the bright lights. In fact he relishes it. Known for his colourful entrances, and equally colourful suits, the high stakes environment of the Schmoedown seem to have little effect on Macuga’s confidence.

With such an approach many fans (and some competitors) believe Macuga is all fun and games. Yet when you set aside all the Magic Hat bottles and rutabaga puns, between the sheets of Macuga lies a serious competitor with the heart of a champion.

With an incredible knack for guesswork, “The Wildman’s” power of logic and deduction make him a credible threat in the league. A finalist in the inaugural Ultimate Schmoedown tournament, Macuga narrowly lost out to claiming the title, in a 14-12 loss to Mark Reilly.

That did not stop him furthering his reputation as a giantkiller as he recorded victories over the likes of Clarke Wolfe, JTE and – probably the biggest feather in The Wildman’s cap – Marc Andreyko in “The Android’s” first Schmoedown defeat.

These soaring highs come with some brutal lows. When Macuga is good he is great, but when he’s bad he’s terrible. Despite handing a defeat his former partner Tom Dagnino, the TV Talk host will be the first to admit that it was not his finest hour. Scoring a 7-7 singles run, Macuga has the most losses of anyone in Schmoedown history, leaving many to argue that he is average at best.

In a league where everything is taken so seriously Macuga’s never say die optimism and flashy fun attitude is a breath of fresh air. Continually underestimated, Josh Macuga is often overlooked by both fans and competitors alike. “The Wildman” will continue to shock everyone as he heads into the Ultimate Schmoedown. He will forever be on the prowl.

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