NAME: Marc “The Android” Andreyko

MEMBER OF: Blofeld’s Cat

FACTION: Lion’s Den


FORM (Most recent first)WWL

By Jared Prestwidge

“It’s sometimes not about who you win against, it’s who you lose against” is a term thrown around a lot in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, and it applies to no one better than Marc Andreyko.

Andreyko“The Android” made his debut in November 2016 against fellow newcomer, William Bibbiani. The match was placed in the period between the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament and the Spectacular, designed to bleed some potential stars for the new year – and boy did it pay off!

The clash between the two debutants became an instant classic, with each competitor trading blows until Bibbiani squeaked out the win with 23 points to 20. As expected, “The Beast” reaped the majority of the fame from the match, by claiming the total points scoring record and an invitation to join the Four Horseman. As fate would have it, however, Andreyko would have the last laugh.

While Bibbiani was being TKO’d by JTE, defeated by Kristian Harloff, leaving the Horseman due to infighting with leader John Rocha, Andreyko was slowly working his way up the rankings with solid victories over Jay Washington and John Humphrey.

This culminated at the Free 4 All where, with Bibbiani, Roch, Drew McWeeny and Dan Murrell surrounding him, “The Android” proceeded to knock them all out in the most genuinely shocking moment of 2017. Andreyko didn’t take the top prize at the end of the day, but his contribution to the success of the event is undeniable.

Andreyko possesses a wide array of movie knowledge, being particularly strong in ‘Comic Book Movies’, ‘Oscars’, ‘Fantasy/Sci-fi’ and ‘Classics’. But when confronted with a category he doesn’t know – like ‘Star Wars’ – he can completely shut down. He can be a very up-and-down performer, where he can get only two points in the first round, then turn on the heat out of nowhere and run the board in the second.

Despite possessing a deceptively light overall record, Andreyko has the potential to hang with the best the Schmoedown can offer. And if his outings in the team league for Blofeld’s Cat are any indication, the man is in form and looking to cause some damage.

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