NAME: “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny

MEMBER OF: Above the Line




By Jared Prestwidge

Expectation is a double-edged sword. Live up to your reputation and you’re a winner; fail, and you could see your Schmoedown career go down the drain before you can say, “Chris Skalicky”. When it came to Drew McWeeny, there was no cause for concern.

McWeeny“The Godfather” made his debut in November 2016, as another push for new talent before Schmoedown Spectacular capped off the year. Touted pre-show as a potential title challenger, McWeeny soundly defeated former team champion Matt Knost, despite being handed the dreaded “Movie Release Dates” category on the back of an opponent’s choice spin.

Even with his first victory under his belt, he was not given the rousing notoriety that fellow debutant, William Bibbiani, enjoyed. And while Bibbiani has since dipped in form, 2017 has seen McWeeny cruise his way up the rankings.

McWeeny earned his stripes as a main eventer after handing a TKO to rising star Mike Kalinowski, and by putting in an impressive performance at the Free 4 All before being involved in the famous “Marc Andreyko All-Star Knockout” (name still pending).

While he suffered a brief setback in a nail-baiter to Jeff Sneider, McWeeny bounced right back with a swift TKO against Josh Macuga. And speaking of his match with Sneider – since his defeat, he has been in devastating form, earning a spot in the Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament final alongside partner Samm Levine with Above the Line.

McWeeny prides himself on sporting strengths in categories that most other competitors do their best to avoid. Categories like “Classics”, “70s” and “80s” movies have spelt doom to his opponents. And even after four singles and three team matches, any specific weakness has yet to show itself. McWeeny has claimed that “Romantic Comedies” would make him sweat, but whether that was just an attempt to appear humble remains to be seen.

Decades of working in the movie bubble has clearly paid off, as “The Godfather” is one of the most dangerous competitors anyone could hope to come across in the Schmoedown. Precaution is advised, he may give you an offer you can’t refuse.

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