Who should ‘The Boss’ play next?

Ultimate Schmoedown finalists, fan favourites and darlings of almost every Schmoedown spin-off show; Team Action are one of the stories of 2017 within the world of movie trivia.

As such, it was no surprise to see Ben Bateman selected as the ‘random’ fifth competitor in the recent fatal-fiveway tournament qualifier, with “The Boss” having recently admitted he was looking to make the transition into singles competition.

BatemanThough he slipped to defeat on the final question, the Action Army will almost certainly not rest until their boy is scheduled to return and square up a record that is still very much in its infancy.

Now, before we go any further, I did say at the start of tournament season that these articles would likely not return until the end of the year, instead replaced by the popular (Thanks for reading!) ‘Who should the Ultimate Schmoedown losers play next?’ articles – Round One and Round Two of the team tournament still are very much available for you to disagree with and for the Commissioner to inexplicably ignore.

However, very much in keeping with the Schmoedown as a whole, it would be remiss of the blog not to capitalise on the popularity of Team Action and jump on the bandwagon with an article of my own.

With that in mind, here are three options who this writer believes Bateman should face next…

(NB: This article was written after just one match of the singles tournament. Bateman may figure in the aforementioned losers piece as an option for other competitors once round one is over, but this is for the here and now. OK? Good!)


Given his performances in the team league, many believe Bateman has what it takes to mix it with the very best the Schmoedown has to offer and perhaps one day even challenge for the belt.

The same can be said for Matt Atchity, who has led MODOK to the brink of the title having established themselves as one of the most formidable teams the Schmoedown has to offer.

AtchityHowever, “The Kahuna’s” first foray into singles competition ended with a chastening defeat to Tim Franco, and as such he is danger of becoming one of those forgotten competitors who, in reality, have what it takes to rise to the upper echelons of the rankings.

Though I’m sure the Commissioner would not want either to have an 0-2 record given it would potentially put at risk the loser’s willingness to participate in singles and instead return solely to teams, seeing them duke it out would certainly be entertaining and make sense given the start they have made as sole competitors.


While Team Action are certainly influencing people within the Schmoedown, they are not making many friends. Their path to the tournament final has seen them upset both Team Trek and Top 10 while the Patriots are eager to take them on just so they can put to bed any hope the young upstarts have they could be realistic challengers for the belts.

Factor in their ongoing feud with DC Movie News that will likely lead to a match at some point in 2018, and both Bateman and Andrew Ghai are likely to face plenty of criticism from fellow competitors as they continue their Schmoedown careers.

KnostOne player who has perhaps been the most vocal with his wish for revenge is Matt Knost. Speaking on a recent episode of ‘Outlaw Nation‘ alongside team-mate John Rocha he called for the Commissioner to schedule a rematch with Action given his belief that the winning question was too straightforward.

As has been discussed here previously, Knost may well get his wish sooner rather than later after Top 10 were handed a No.1 contender’s match at Spectacular against the Ultimate Schmoedown runners-up. But should Action win against Above the Line and move off into the distance in terms of Top 10’s next opponents, then scheduling a singles match would be the next best thing for a Commissioner who thrives on controversy.

Knost’s defeat to Jeff Sneider in the opening round of the singles tournament has left him with more defeats than wins in his singles career thus far, but after some improved showings during the second half of 2017 he would certainly be more than a match for “The Boss”. Given the heat between the pair and their ability on the mic could potentially make it an all-time classic.


Despite having played three team matches, we have no idea quite what Adam Gertler’s plans are in terms of potentially entering the singles league. When you don’t speak, it’s difficult for anyone to truly know.

GertlerWhat we do know, however, is that “The Silent Assassin” is a serious Schmoedown player. Despite losing to Above the Line in round two of the team tournament,  DC Movie News proved they are more than just Mike Kalinowski as Gertler went toe-to-toe with Drew McWeeny to become the latest player to secure a perfect first round of eight correct answers.

Whether he wants to now test himself in singles competition remains to be seen, but taking on another new face in Bateman would certainly make sense. Factor in the ongoing feud between The League and Action, it could offer an alternative from the team match should the Commissioner wish to bring them together early in 2018.

Who do you want to see Ben Bateman face off against next? Have your say in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Who should ‘The Boss’ play next?

  1. As well-grounded as the discussed options are, I think we’re missing the most obvious choice – Jason Inman. The likelihood of Inman beating Rocha is slim, so the rematch sometime in the beginning of 2018 is a must. If it happens, I have no doubt that Ben will beat Inman.

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