Shaking up the Schmoedown: What is Tom Dagnino’s big plan?

“Listen up you Kool-aid drinking, bandwagon jumping, only leave the bedroom once a year to go to Walmart for the special flavored Oreo release type space cadets. Seems to be a lot of people thinking that what I have up my sleeve will not change the way the Schmoedown runs forever. You serious??

“Whether it’s the everyday, no-imagination, greasy, chubby-fingered, keyboard punching nimrod who still believes in Santa or those buffoons on the ‘All the Belts’ podcast that think it’s only a mask? I already changed the world with a mask once, why would I do it again you clowns?!

“Mark my words, what I’m going to do will rock the Schmoedown to its foundation. It’ll make factions break-up, friends become enemies and ultimately make people simultaneously re-examine their own values.

“Remember: I don’t only start fires but I also put them out. Facts. You’ve been warned…again.”

Not my words. Those the words permeating from the office of the leader of the Lion’s Den –  one Tom Dagnino Esq.

Dagnino IIIn a characteristic act of hubris and villainy, Dagnino has promised to shake-up the Schmoedown beyond comprehension in the weeks and months to come. Forever the antagonist within the world of movie trivia, the man formerly known as Finstock seems to have hatched a plot that could have wide-ranging implications for all past, present and future competitors.

There remains one question: Just what does Tom Dagnino have up the sleeves of the various jackets that adorn one of the most acutely defined bodies in the LA region? (His -probable -words, not mine!)

Schmoedown fans are well aware of Dagnino’s wish to take over the reins as Commissioner, and in all likelihood he will look to take advantage of the period of flux that the league will fall into during Kristian Harloff’s upcoming leave of absence.

Harloff has already explained that an Interim Commissioner will be placed in charge of scheduling matches and managing competitors for a few weeks in the build up Spectacular while he steps away. There is no way that he would leave Dagnino in charge, but it would provide the perfect opportunity for “Tricky Tom” to make his move and attempt to undermine whomever is left in the hotseat.

Dagnino as Commissioner would not be universally popular among fans, with many threatening to stop watching should it ever come to pass, but for this writer it has the potential to be the greatest storyline the Schmoedown has attempted in its short time on screen. Seeing which competitors and factions align with their new evil overlord and which distance themselves would certainly make for entertaining television, and as long as the game itself is not overly compromised then, for me, there are only positives that can come from such a twist.

But we all know that Dagnino wants to become Commissioner, so why go to the trouble of having his secretary pen two lengthy statements outlining a groundbreaking plan? There has to be something else going on, doesn’t there?

Many have surmised that a successful Dagnino coup could lead to the return of one Bob Finstock. The man with the mask’s ban from Collider studios officially ends in the first week of February, but as Commissioner it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that Dagnino would cut that short and reintroduce the original Schmoes Know villain.

FinstockDagnino, however, has poured cold water on such suggestions, and in truth bringing Finstock back would not deliver on the promise of what “Tricky Tom” has outlined. Mask apart, there is very little difference between Dagnino and his alter ego, and just covering his face would be unlikely to have the impact some are hoping for.

There is, though, one line that must surely intrigue even the most ardent Dagnino naysayers:

“It’ll make factions break-up, friends become enemies and ultimately make people simultaneously re-examine their own values.”

This writer is honestly at a loss as to what would cause this to happen, but if Dagnino is true to his word then be sure to be close to his apartment at 3:00 every morning if you want to overhear some of the most pivotal conversations in Schmoedown history.

Does Dagnino have a plan to permanently dethrone the current Commissioner? Is one of the league’s great face competitors about to turn to the dark side? Is Tom Dagnino actually Mike Kalinowski’s father?! We are approaching Stars Wars season after all, and knowing LA’s premier lothario, nothing is likely to be off the table.

If you want an out there prediction, how about this: Dagnino overthrows the interim commissioner, persuades Clarke Wolfe to join the Lion’s Den, strips Harloff (who we will not see until Spectacular) of the singles title and threatens to have Jay Washington and the MissFits banned.

I know what you are saying: “Tom, that has no chance of happening!” All I have in response is this…

We are talking about Tom Dagnino. Anything can and most likely WILL happen.

What do you think Dagnino’s big plan for the Schmoedown is, and will he get away with it? Have your say in the comments below!

One thought on “Shaking up the Schmoedown: What is Tom Dagnino’s big plan?

  1. I agree with you completely, I do think it has the potential to be one of the very best storylines in SD history and I am very much looking forward to it. I know it will be unpopular with some, tho from what I’ve heard, a lot of people just skip the promos and the post-match interviews (basically all the “storyline” stuff) and only watch the matches, which is fine! Those of us though that get the wrestling-like showmanship of SD, I think would looove to see what “LA’s premier lothario” has got cooking up.

    Dagnino is in a prime position right now, not only with Kristian’s leave of absence, but also his fraction is doing really well, both JTE and Sneider winning their first singles tournament matches, their are still dominant team champions, so yeah, I have no doubt we are in for an interesting couple of months.


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