REVIEW: Movie Trivia Schmoedown App

Laying in bed on Tuesday evening, it was there. A noise no human, movie trivia fan or not, wants running around their head at any point in the day, but it was there. My head on the pillow, it continued to haunt me throughout the night.


Christian Ruvalcaba’s impact in front of the Schmoedown cameras may have come to an end, but as anyone who has downloaded the Movie Trivia Schmoedown App knows, Cobbster’s legacy is certain to continue through the jeers that greet every wrong answer. In decades to come the ‘Cobbster Boo’ will likely be held in the same infamy as the ‘Wilhelm Scream’ by film fans the world over.

IMG_5286You may be asking why a review of the aforementioned app is focusing so much on such a trivial aspect, so I’m going to level with you – I am not very good at movie trivia. My performances in the 24 hours since the app became available are far more deserving of derision than elation. And yet I cannot put it down, which is testament to just how good this game has the potential to be.

Though various updates are being promised, for now the app offers three main functions – singles, versus and online. Singles play allows you to take on some of the biggest stars of the Schmoedown in a bid to win seven matches and fight for the belt. The likes of William Bibbiani, John Rocha and Mark Reilly are all included as competitors, but as someone who is continually slumming with the Tom Dagninos of this world, I am the wrong person to ask as to whether facing such illustrious names is as difficult as it seems!

IMG_5287I must admit to not having attempted the ‘versus mode’ as yet, which offers players the chance to take on those within the same room as many times as possible, but it promises to provide the app with a social feel that you do not always get with other trivia games.

‘Online mode’, meanwhile, allows the user to play against anyone from either their local region or around the world, with a number of recognisable names from both the Schmoedown world and the MTS Facebook group waiting to be taken on. Just don’t be one of those players who quits the moment it looks like you’re going to lose, OK.

The gameplay itself is slick, and though there are a number of kinks that are being worked on so as to avoid repeated questions and ensure a little more leeway with potential answers, there is enough variety to ensure that each match feels different from the last.

IMG_5288Perhaps the most pleasing aspect is the addition of messrs Harloff and Ellis providing comments on each and every encounter. Their trademark banter and humour adds an extra dimension to a game that could easily have been produced as just a series of movie-related questions and nothing else, and though we see little of the personality of the other competitors apart from short, silent introduction clips, hopefully that is something that can be addressed further down the line.

With the promise of more questions and the ability to create leagues between friends somewhere on the horizon, the Schmoedown app certainly has the potential to follow the same trajectory as the show itself. A must for all movie fans – just don’t let the booing get you down!

What do you make of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown App? Have your say in the comments below!

Also, if you want to see the app in action, check out the guys over at Take 3 Productions, who put together a great showcase of just how playing a match looks.

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