Who will be Wolfe’s new team-mate?

Clarke Wolfe is a Schmoedown legend. Debate continues to rage as to whether she has the consistency to again get another shot at the singles belt given the sheer number of strong contenders now involved within the league, but no one argue that she is not a future Hall of Famer.

WolfeWith that in mind, you would think there would be competitors queuing up to partner “The Classy One” given the demise of the Wolves of Steel. Wolfe has admitted that she will now be on the lookout for a new team-mate, suggesting her and Mark Reilly will not join forces when he eventually makes his return to action (the resurrection of Team Champs in 2019, anyone?!), but with very few other free agents within the league, her options do seem limited.

So who should Wolfe be tapping up heading into the 2018 season in her bid to have another tilt at the team belts? Here are some potential options…


Perhaps the most intriguing storyline from the second half of 2017 has been the various approaches and rivalries between the league’s female contingent. The rise of the MissFits has led to Jay Washington being almost omnipresent whenever a female competitor takes to the stage, with both Wolfe and Rachel Cushing on his radar to add to the faction.

“The Classy One” has already declined the chance to join Six Degrees, insisting that she will not fraternise with heels. Cushing, meanwhile, continues to mull over her own offer, though “The Urban Gladiator’s” constant post-match interview interruptions do seem to be rubbing her up the wrong way.

Of course, we still do not know whether “The Crusher” will in fact continue alongside Ken Napzok as part of the Nerd’s Watch, but the signs are that one of 2017’s best new teams might not even see out the year. Should that be the case, then there is potential for a dramatic conclusion to the MissFits storyline.

CushingRemember ‘The Decision’ last year? ‘Rookie of the Year’ Wolfe had the opportunity to team up with JTE, only to decline his offer and instead form the Wolves of Steel with Reilly. Eighteen months on, could Wolfe’s successor for the aforementioned prize make a similar call?

Picture the scene – “The Crusher” calls a conference to reveal what her future holds. Both “The Pitboss” and the MissFits are in attendance, and after an emotional farewell to Napzok, Cushing reveals she will be joining forces with another moving forward. Just as Washington thinks his luck is in, Wolfe appears from behind the curtain, forming a team that will have others quaking in their boots. To finish off, it is announced that Six Degrees will be the opponents for Wolfe/Cushing’s debut match. You’ve literally never wanted something as much, have you?!

It goes without saying that a “Classy/Crusher” pairing would have the skills required to fly up the team rankings while both have earned themselves fans through their willingness to entertain with their entrances and interviews. MissFits fans might not be too happy, but sometimes heels need matters to not go their way to really thrive as both competitors and characters, and this move would offer Chandler & Howard such an opportunity.


As detailed in a previous article, Wolfe and GLOW star Young displayed some great chemistry during the recent GLOWDown, with the reason for Team Classy coming out on top down, in part, to Young’s USC education.

Wolfe & YoungAfter the match Young was asked whether she would be willing to return given her superb performance, and she certainly seemed to like the idea of further showcasing her movie trivia knowledge. If there is one thing the Schmoedown could benefit from is added star power, and as a recognisable working actor, Young would certainly bring that to the table.

Rather than throw her straight into singles competition, though, having her again team up with Wolfe would allow her a further gateway into the world of the Schmoedown before perhaps aiming for a belt on her own somewhere down the line.

A competitor with Wolfe’s experience of the game would allow Young to learn the rules and get used to the style of the game alongside a seasoned competitor while having played alongside one another before would bring about a feel of familiarity. For both those inside and outside the Schmoedown it has the potential to be the perfect match.


Now, before I am accused of only pairing Wolfe with fellow women, here’s my defence…

At present, there are very few male free agents within the Schmoedown world, and those that are do not seem natural matches for a competitor like Wolfe. Furthermore, other than the Nerd’s Watch, there are no current teams who look set to split, and in fact a large number are yet to even complete a full 12 months of competition together.

With that out of the way, here’s to the matter at hand. Perri Nemiroff remains one of the most popular members of the Collider Video crew among fans, but her Schmoedown performances to date have failed to deliver the goods.

NemiroffDespite winning her debut match alongside Jonathan Voytko, three successive defeats for Tuff Beats saw them disbanded while “Scary Perri’s” singles debut ended in defeat to Brianne Chandler. Such form would likely see many fans turn their back on a competitor, but Nemiroff’s popularity is such that many would be disappointed if she did not return to the Schmoedown in 2018.

Playing in teams seems the format in which she would be able to thrive the most, and with those who dreamed of “Team Peremy” still drying their tears following the news of Jeremy Jahns’s move back to Seattle, Wolfe would seem an ideal partner.

Wolfe’s experience would likely give Nemiroff a sturdier shoulder to lean on than the one  that the wildly inconsistent “Vulture” provided while their shared love of horror films would allow them a theme to potentially base both their name and entrances on. While they might not be the most rounded partnership, a couple of wins could give them the confidence required to challenge those at the very top of the Schmoedown tree.

Who do you think should be Clarke Wolfe’s new team-mate? Have your say in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Who will be Wolfe’s new team-mate?

  1. Rachel’s showing against Andreyko would make her a worthy partner for Wolfe.
    Britney does seem fun, question is how’s her schedule with Glow.
    I love Perri, but Clarke would be carrying her.

    But what I would like is Clarke to join Modok. A three person team can play mind games with their opponents, they’ll have no idea which combination of team will play: Matt and Grae, Matt and Clarke, or Grae and Clarke? And if Schmoedown adds 3 v 3 play in 2018, a Trio Modok Team would be ahead of the curve.


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