Brianne Chandler – a tribute to Miss Movie Trivia Schmoedown

Earlier this week, I tweeted that, having listened to some MissFits theories on both The Schmmoedown Rundown and the All The Belts podcast, I would be writing a piece on the future of the faction once Brianne Chandler exited, or indeed won, the singles tournament.

Was Jay Washington was becoming too much for Six Degrees to put up with? Was Stacy Howard’s post-match interview in the aftermath of her defeat to Rachel Cushing a sign that she may leave and turn face? Or would they stick together heading into 2018?

But following “Miss Movies’s” own emotional interview in the wake of her loss to old foe Mike Kalinowski, it would be frivolous to speculate on the future of a faction in a movie trivia game show. Instead it seems only right to pay tribute to one of the shining lights of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown – a competitor for who others would do right to learn from as the show continues to grow.

Chandler InterviewBrianne Chandler might not be your favourite competitor. You may not believe that she has enough movie knowledge to ever hold a championship. But what she does have is passion, commitment and the social media nous to ensure fans of the Schmoedown are never left wanting when it comes to following her career in and out of the ring.

Along with Howard she has raised the game in terms of what viewers expect from competitor entrances. A simple wave and walk to the chair (unless your name is Drew McWeeny, who has made it part of his “Godfather” schtick) will no longer suffice. Fans expect interaction with the crowd, crazy costumes and sometimes even special effects when their favourite players appear from behind the red curtain.

Though extravagant entrances have always been a part of the Schmoedown, Chandler’s willingness to attempt new and different ways to sell herself pre-match deserves so much credit. Some may not have landed – arriving into frame from the opposite side of the stage was soon shelved – but others, like her Mean Girls-inspired video ahead of her win over Clarke Wolfe, will hopefully inspire other competitors to get a little more creative.

Chandler Kill BillSecondly, no competitor in the league – other than the Commissioner himself – knows as much about what has happened within the Schmoedown in 2017 than Brianne Chandler. She watches every match, listens to every episode of The Schmoedown Rundown, and it shows. Though studying has undoubtedly helped her become the most improved player in the game over the last 12 months, her knowledge of the game itself and its inner workings means she is always at a slight advantage in tight matches.

She is aware of any previous controversies and how they could potentially be used to her advantage as well as knowing her opponents inside out. It may not mean she comes out the other side victorious, but her preparation is second to none within the league.

And that factors into the main reason why this writer wrote on Twitter last week that an outside bet for Interim Commissioner could be “Miss Movies” herself. Not only does she push the boundaries when it comes to creating a character and ensure she is across as much of the Schmoedown as possible, she also knows how to sell the league away from the cameras.

ChandlerWhether it is giving fans an insight into just how much creating a memorable Schmoedown entrance costs, answering fans questions on the MissFits Facebook group or appearing on the various spin-off shows while remaining in character throughout, Chandler is a credit to herself and the league.

Fans only have to see what she has done for the MTS in the time since her defeat to Kalinowski and her decision to take a break from competition was taped to know how much of an asset she is. Though it is unclear whether her appearance on ‘Inside Schmoedown‘ took place before or after her most recent match was taped, she has also appeared on The Schmoedown Rundown, at the recent LA Comic Con panel and routinely feuded with her arch nemesis Kalinowski on social media. She did not need to do any of those things – particularly since personal issues obviously played such a huge role in her decision to step away – and in doing so only highlights how valuable she is to the Commissioner and the league.

Of course all the competitors have other, better paid things to be doing with their lives than continuously taking part in Schmoedown-related activities, but it would be great to see others take a page out of Chandler’s book and do as much as they can to bring the story elements of the Schmoedown into the wider world. Hell, after reading her great article on building an online community, the blog certainly wouldn’t say no to a guest column should the time allow!

Brianne Chandler may only be a 2-2 competitor and a member of a team in the lower echelons of the rankings, but she is a genuine Schmoedown superstar. There are only a handful of those at present, and she certainly belongs in the company of the likes of John Rocha, William Bibbiani and Team Action for her efforts over the past 12 months. Like many I hope she returns – whether as a player, manager, announcer or even interim Commissioner – but for now the blog can only wish her our best. The Schmoedown Blog salutes you, Miss Movies!

What is your favourite “Miss Movies” moment? Have your say in the comments below!

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