Ultimate Schmoedown singles tournament: Round Two highlights

By Jared Prestwidge

Here we are, ladies and gents! The fat has been trimmed, and the semi-finals are now upon us. A main talking point over the last few months has been the old guard being replaced by the new, and now we have seen this come into full effect.

Out of the final four we have two newcomers, a competitor historically crippled by awful luck, and someone who at the end of last year had a record so bad, many thought we’d never see his backwards cap grace the singles ring again!

Singles Tournament LogoBut enough blabbing, here are our picks for the highlights of Round Two of the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament…

BEST ENTRANCE: Brianne Chandler

Brianne Chandler is without a doubt, one of the hardest working Schmoedown competitors we have. Every time she graces our screens, we can always expect something new, whether it be her iconic Kill Bill entrance or her Mean Girls-inspired pre-match video. “Miss Movies” challenges how a match can be approached constantly, and she’s paved the way for other competitors to do the same.

Chandler EntranceChandler Entrance 2In this entrance, Chandler demonstrated exactly that as she burst through the sign that she gives absolutely zero f***’s about the many brackets she destroyed. Since this is likely to be the last entrance of hers we’ll see until 2018 at the very least, we’re lucky that it was 100 per cent pure, “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler.

BEST MOMENT: The Interim Commissioner Reveal

Now this was a reveal that no one could have called!

With names like Mark Reilly, Ken Napzok and Jay Washington thrown around as possibilities, when the Interim Commissioner was announced I could hear Schmoedown fans around the world mutter a collective ‘huh?’.

WilliamsAfter having some time to mull over the choice, I’ve got to say it does make sense. Thadd Williams knows the Schmoedown, simple as that. Not only is he a competitor by way of Deep Cuts, he is also heavily involved behind the scenes, and he’s someone who has no doubt been shadowing Kristian Harloff and learning the tools of the trade.

That being said, this has great potential storyline wise. For months now, the despicable Tom Dagnino has been teasing us with his “big plan”, that he promises will turn the Schmoedown on its head. Maybe a greenhorn Interim Commissioner is all he needs to make his move…


Jeez, Rachel – give someone else a chance! In all seriousness though, how could you dream of giving the best performance award of this round to anyone else?!

Cushing“The Crusher” topped her already spectacular performance from the first round by answering 14 questions correctly out of 15 including two steals to serve out a savage KO to Stacy Howard. Cushing also joined the prestigious “Nine Pointers Club”, becoming the first woman to do so.

She is breaking records left and right in this tournament, and has no doubt arisen as the favourite to win the whole thing. If Cushing continues to play the way she has lately, by the end of the year she won’t just be Rookie of the Year, she’ll be Player of the Year.

BEST MATCH: Jeff Sneider vs JTE

Oh man, talk about a match for the ages. Champion versus champion, team-mate versus team-mate, brother versus brother – “Patriots: Civil War” displayed the best the Schmoedown can offer in every way. Have a friend wanting to get into the action but doesn’t know where to start? Show them this match and they’ll become a diehard fan for life.

Sneider JTEJeff Sneider went in as the favourite against an in-form JTE, who was out to prove himself an equal in Team Patriots’ undisputed dynasty. “Opponents Choice” reared its ugly head once again, but the match went down to the final question regardless, with “Little Evil” – who can now sport a positive singles record again – moving on to the semi-finals.

Above the Line and Action better study up, because this match only shows the undefeated champs are as close and in sync as ever.

#WhoYaGot for the semi-finals?! Here we go:

Rachel Cushing TO BEAT Samm Levine

Mike Kalinowski TO BEAT JTE

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